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  1. Re: New Punch Brothers album streams online

    Its been a long time since I've posted here since I've had school but I had to come back to say that I absolutely love this new album! I glad someone else confirmed the Beach Boy sound in...
  2. Re: I have the tab for La Vie en Rose

    Thanks! I am just about to send the email.
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    Re: Hello Cafe pickers

    Welcome Chris! I also made the switch from guitar to mandolin a year and a half ago. One of the best choices I have made. If you have any questions, feel free to ask other members of the Cafe (see...
  4. Re: Identifying this Mandolin in an Old Family Photo

    Hey Jim, after close examination, I think you are right! That's so cool that you have one of those. I wish we still had it but unfortunately I am the only one in my family,currently, that likes...
  5. Re: My mandolin is WAY better than yours!

    My mandolin has Bluetooth.
  6. Identifying this Mandolin in an Old Family Photo

    Hey guys,
    It has been awhile since I posted. I was going through my photos on my phone and remembered my great aunt had sent me this photo of my great, great aunt (or something) with a mandolin...
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    Re: Mandolin setup guide by

    And I just saw Rob's post, so forget about my previous post. If he is selling it, I will definitely pay for it once I get the money. If its still free, I will try emailing him again.
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    Re: Mandolin setup guide by

    Would anyone be willing to email it to me? I emailed him and he never emailed me back. I figured he got a lot of emails and I just forgot about it but I would love to have it.
  9. Re: Have you ever been ridiculed for your choice in instrument?

    I'm 20 and studying chemical engineering. When I tell people I play percussion and guitar, they think drum set and rock music and such, so I usually get a response of approval. Then I also add that...
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    Re: USB interface recommendations

    I have the Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle which includes the Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, condenser mic, cable, and headphones. The only extra thing you need is a mic stand. I got it for Christmas...
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    Re: V-Picks Giveaway

    Sweet! I would love to try another type of mandolin/guitar picks besides blue chip.
  12. Re: Goat Rodeo Sessions Chords/Tabs

    I have a transcribed score of Quarter Chicken Dark. There aren't any tabs. It was given to me by Davis West (the uploader and violin player in the video). He doesn't offer it anymore. I can ask...
  13. Re: Recommended Mic Stand for Recording

    Thanks guys for the help! I can't wait to start recording stuff!
  14. Recommended Mic Stand for Recording

    I asked my mom for the focusrite scarlett 2i2 studio bundle and I was wondering what type of mic stand should I get? The mic that comes with the bundle is a condenser mic. I have no idea if most...
  15. Re: Best piece of advice you've learned here at The Cafe

    I have learned so many things here, that I really can't just pick one. If I had to, the best piece of advice I gotten, since joining the forums, was to alternate my pick strokes. Playing only hard...
  16. Sierra Hull - Bombshell Tab *Only First 45 Seconds*

    Hey guys,
    I decided to transcribe Bombshell by Sierra Hull. It took a really, really long time(started over a year ago) for me to get this far. Granted, the actual total time spent transcribing...
  17. Re: Any and All Punch Brothers Tablature or Sheet Music

    I posted a tab for the beginning of Alex off of Antifogmatic if that helps any. Scroll down to second version. The only difference is the time signature in one bar.

  18. Recording Advice/Mic Recommendations

    Summary: Name your recording equipment/suggestions. Cheap would be best.

    Hey guys,

    So I'm wanting to start recording my guitar(acoustic and mandolin just so I can a catalog of my song ideas...
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    Re: Nickel Creek reunion?

    I love Nickel Creek and I hope that they do record another album! Eveline is one of my favorite songs by them! Those harmonies man...gotta love 'em. I really do hope they record another album. If...
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    Re: Celtic/Irish Music 101

    I just posted a thread on essentially this topic a few days ago! You should check it out! They have given me some great responses!
  21. Looking for good Bach Sheet Music/Books

    I have been listening to Chris Thile's Bach album and I have always loved Bach. A year ago, when I first started playing mandolin, I got a Bach book published by Melbay and it was horrible! The tabs...
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    Re: Your favorite Celtic Tunes

    Thanks guys for the responses! I hadn't thought about the fact that favorites change all the time(Something pretty obvious but I managed to overlook it). Why don't we limit it to your favorite tunes...
  23. Re: Why are Mandolins more fun than Guitars? :confused:

    I just love the chop haha! Thats what got me into mandolin in the first place. That and Thile. For me being a percussionist and a guitar player, its the perfect combination!
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    Your favorite Celtic Tunes

    Hey guys,
    I recently got into the Irish/Celtic music. I have started listening to the Chieftains since they do a lot of collaboration with bluegrass artists, one of my favorites being a video of...
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    Re: Alex by Punch Brothers

    Already found the first mistake. The 3/4 bar should be a 6/4 bar. Basically add another pair of 8th notes of each chord to get four 8th notes of each chord, rather than two. You probably could...
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