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    Re: Feeling guitar bodied Mandocello

    I hear ya. Builders/factories are not very clear on what they use and the nomenclature is not at all standardized. The one that I own has a carved top. As far as I can tell, this one is a near exact...
  2. Re: "Perpetual Dawg" . . . a birthday gift

    When that song was recorded and released it carried the name "Del & Dawg"
  3. Re: Fender Tenor Tele - First Impressions

    For the 60hz buzz, at minimum, ground the pickup and wire cavities. You can do it cheaper than copper with aluminum tape you can buy at any hardware store. Make sure that each cavity is connected to...
  4. Re: Suggestions for Online posting of musical content for payment

    Do you mean to Spotify and iTunes and Google play and such?
    If so, checkout
    Free to upload to those services. Payout from them is super low though, unless you get in the...
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    Re: Anyone else have the Epiphone MM-40 L?

    Generally lower priced mandolins will have a laminate top or a solid pressed top. They are much cheaper to make, and also usually do not sound as good.
    The words in the description you should look...
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    Feeling guitar bodied Mandocello

    I saw this on ebay today:
    Feeling is another brand made by Pango/Afanti, it...
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    Eastman octave mandolin $350 - CL

    Just saw this online:
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    Re: Unusual Suspects

    I'll take my Collings MT2-O (Engelmann top) to any bluegrass jam. It has unusually strong high end for an oval hole mandolin.
    I think the Italian spruce, even more so.
    I like having a fuller sound...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    Our recorded material has mostly individual solos.

    When we play live it's looser with...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    I play mandolin in a string swing jazz band. Our lineup is upright bass, guitar, mandolin, violin, clarinet. We often have 2 or 3 instruments "soloing" at the same time. Usually mandolin, violin &...
  11. Re: Naked Bridge Post Is Shredding My Palm

    This is the best solution. While you're at it, you can sand down the sharp edges of the saddle too.
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    Re: A-String Buzz

    How far up the fretboard can you play and still hear a buzz? I'm suspecting a high fret somewhere near the neck joint. This might be addressed by adjusting the truss-rod, or raising the bridge, or...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    If you're playing jazz, you're going to have to learn to play in those keys. A few reasons, a bunch of the repertoire is recorded in those keys and transcribed in those keys. If you're going to jam...
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    Re: Refret for Gibson F9

    I'd get a pickup installed in your 2nd mandolin and then send your Gibson to Bruce Weber for the refret. I just had my Collings refretted by him. $300 + shipping with your choice of wire for the...
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    If you do a search here for JBovier you will find they have a strong following. They are a very small shop. In my opinion, they are among the best Pac Rim mandolins available. The owner Jeff has the...
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    I've owned and played both the Kentucky KM-1050 and the Northfield F5S. The Northfield is far better. Both have radiused fretboards. I felt the Kentucky had a much narrower range and the Northfield...
  17. Re: Does this seem reasonable for a first mandolin?

    I would sooner go with this Kentucky KM-150 for $250 with case.
    All solid wood construction, whereas The Loar LM-110 has laminate back and sides.
  18. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Older traditional oval hole mandolins have a shorter neck that attaches to the body at the 12th fret (or sometimes even shorter). Also those mandolins usually have the fretboard attached directly to...
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    Re: cheap external pickup

    The stick on external pickups are not great.
    I'd go with the JJB Mercato that has a carpenter jack. Install the pickups with blu-tack and you'll be good to go, no drilling required and easily...
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    Collings MT2-O refret by Bruce Weber

    Reunited with my stage mandolin in Bozeman MT after a much needed re-fret by the legendary Bruce Weber of Montana Lutherie!
    Bruce pulled the old and very worn frets and re-leveled the finger board....
  21. Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List


    Clark - in your price range, A style or 2 point

    Last time I was in Denver Folklore Center, they had a really nice...
  22. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Excellent choice!
    I have a Kentucky KM-272 which is the same instrument in a different color. I love how easy it is to play and it has a rich even tone. Of all of my mandolins, including a Collings...
  23. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Another Kentucky KM-150 with case for $300
  24. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    The Breedlove Crossover series is not that great. Pressed top and back, not carved. Also have a think poly finish that deadens the sound.
    If you're looking for an oval hole mandolin, look for a...
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    Re: Pango Mandocello

    It looks like Jonathan is selling his. Curiously, for more than they cost new?
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