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    Re: New five course mandocello

    Hi Graham,

    Thank you so much for so fastidiously and beautifully hand crafting my MandoCello for me. It is a stunning instrument with wonderful resonance and sustain and compliments my Mandolin...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    There once was a woodbutcher named Kemnitzer,
    Whose brain I picked at my bench,
    Cuz his mandos resembled sonic fine art.
    While mine were like lipstick on a wrench
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    Re: Identification of Gibson Mandolin-Guitar

    Yes it’s a 1905 Gibson. They had slotted headstocks for about a year in between the initial paddle heads and the later solid headstocks. Here is my 1905 Style 0-2. Yours has been refinished, has a...
  4. Re: Soundboard tuning and tone bars/bracing

    Rough crowd out there in mando nerd world today....

    Here lies all the answers to your questions:
  5. Finished first build - Thanks for all of the help

    I finally finished the bouzouki I have been working on for almost a year. Here are a couple of photos. It is a thrill to actually string it up and play it.
    Thanks for all of the advice I have...
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    Re: Long scale octave mandola bracing

    As Graham, I think your original string gauges are way over the top: not only will you have to build the body like a tank, but you would struggle to make a neck strong enough to withstand the tension...
  7. Re: Taylor V-class bracing - No direct mando content

    Before bowing out of this discussion, I just wanted to give a special shout out to the response by Graham McDonald. He really hit the nail on the head on so many levels. It would appear that he...
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    John E Dallas Mando Family Reunion

    After many years of searching I recently managed to acquire a tenor mandola to form a trio of matching instruments made about a hundred years ago in London by John E Dallas. They all share common...
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    Re: A harp-mandolin

    I like the harp tones in sympathy (!) to the melody. Nice sound, Graham!

    For your convenience, here is the soundfile embedded.
  10. Re: Looking for Mandolin Instrument Primer

    If you want the real "mandolin encyclopedia," I recommend Graham McDonald's The Mandolin: A History, which covers not only the waterfront, but the entire coastline.

    The long Wikipedia article...
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    Re: A couple of new mandolins

    Guild of American Luthiers

    (Still enjoying the book, Graham)
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    Re: More EnduroVar (Mis-) Adventures

    This quote is attributed to Bob Taylor:

    "We should find the guy who decided guitars should be shinny, dig him up and kill him again!"
  13. Washburn / lyon & healey catalog 1889

    I found this catalog at an estate sale last week. I had posted it on FRETS, but thought it might be of interest to the people here, because of the mandolin content. ...
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