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    Re: Lamar Grier passes


    First heard him on a Monroe record and was an instant fan. I allways wished he would record with his son David. That didn‘t happen. Funny that a banjopicker (predudice mode on) would work at...
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    Re: The Mando Boys

    Great stuff! As it is with the songs from the "Original Underground Music from the Mysterious South".

    Does anyone know how PO is doing these days (concerning the stroke I believe he suffered some...
  3. Re: Article: Guess the Mandolin Dawg is Playing, Win $100 Gift Ce

    I was soooooo incredibly wrong... except the Gilchrist tracks (which were easy).

    I honed my ears on the Acoustic Disc records as to how DG sounds on either Loar or Fern (and also on his Giacomel,...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    Jim Garber: Yep, thatīs what you were talking about. And you are right.

    HoGo/Adrian: I find your point interesting. What I find in guitars, mandolins and banjos is that an instrument that carries...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    Loud can have different meanings. If you think "carrying power"... yes I want loud because I can allways tone down.

    If by loud you mean simple volume... then maybe "not necessarily" is the answer....
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    Re: Gibson A50, odd neck

    First things first. My Orthographie is letting me down. So... Sorry for that. The smartphone attempts at autocorrection wouldn‘t have helped neither. ...pathetic.

    I‘ve checked pic 9. It looks like...
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    Re: Gibson A50, odd neck

    Yes, see my post above. Thereīs the "Parrot Loar" for example:
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    Re: Gibson A50, odd neck

    What you describe is called "wings". The headstock is obviously not made out of a single piece of wood. This happens in (acoustic guitars, f.ex. Martin). Some hate them. But they are...
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    Re: Brentrup Mandolins

    - I think the V8 at Carterīs is overpriced at 14.000 USD (It is on the website for a couple of years and had a higher price some time back)

    - I think that Hans Brentrup built wonderful...
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    Re: Elbow or wrist...

    The most prominent "ellbow" musician is Sam Bush. The reason seems to be that he broke his wrist (car door accident if Iīm not mistaken) which rules out the wrist approach.

    I would advocate the...
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    Re: Parting with a beloved mandolin

    To be fair up front. I have bought some instruments and sold none... Ups, I should have said "but one". And this leads me to express my opinion.

    If I felt deeply for an instrument (like my...
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    Re: Valuing a Gibson by Dr Lori

    Great observation. Letīs get the mind rambling... Chinese immigrants are able to play the mandolin whereas african immigrants have the banjo reserved for themselves... the spanish have the guitar and...
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    Re: Finally, a use for a banjo

    I thought it was okay to arrest the guy for harming a banjo by banging it on a metal statue.

    Of course I do not condone violence and vandalism. But I found this thought more apropriate than taking...
  14. Big Family (and other movies); availability in other countries

    So documentaries like Big Family air in the US ( So far, so good. With the internet I would have thought, that an availability of...
  15. Re: Frank Wakefield, Taylor Baker ..LIVE SHOW..

    Great videos. As long as bluegrass is in the hand of such (young) pickers bluegrass is doing well.

    Does anyone know how Frank Wakefield is doing these days. He‘s getting on in the years.
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    Re: Need some advice.

    Itīs all about how the music is put together. So a mandolin might fit in a rock band. But if the musicians do not know what they are doing even an all bluegrass cast suck at playing "Will The Circle...
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    Re: 1976 Gehrardt Green F5 Pictures

    For whatever reason the other thread got closed. I think that the mandolin and its builder deserves recognition. So hereīs my amended post from the other thread.

    The mandolin was built in a period...
  18. Re: Check out this mandolin...... Thoughts, comments, concerns

    Maybe someone can lift the pictures from reverb and post them here (I seem to be to lazy or dumb to do it).

    I find it interesting that very little is being said about the mandolin. I donīt know...
  19. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    Actually itīs not a "Gibson"-bashing thread. Itīs a thread about the questionable destruction of salvagable (reusable) materials.
  20. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    That makes it even more painful (and I donīt want to go political, even though we understand each other).
  21. Re: Played a Loar F5 for the first time and met Mike Compton

    You probably received an ear adjustment. After Playing a Lloyd Loar F-5 gor the first time my perception was never the same anymore.
  22. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    No need to be a tree hugger. But I donīt understand, why they donīt salvage the raw materials (to heat the office, to sell the copper wire etc.). Where do they go from there? The video borders on...
  23. Re: Back in Southern Germany. Any pickers in the Ulm area?


    die Illertal Cowboys sollten nicht unerwähnt bleiben: "Big" Herbert Schildhammer informiert neben "Pee Wee" Wroblewski...
  24. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    No, you donīt.

    @ Mike Edgerton: You have to remove the black from the writing. Itīs not the old "Gibson" that you must punish. (as I am very [!] much in favor of my Southerner Jumbo)

    I think...
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    Re: Doyle Lawson One Tear Solo

    Nice, there are some essentials in there.
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