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  1. Re: Anybody planting trees? Share your stories!

    I have an acre of woods on my property, and when we moved in we planted 15 trees on the house part of the property. Since then, the trees have multiplied exponentially, the weeping cherry has sent up...
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    Re: new questions

    It is very true that feedback from a better quality mandolin causes a person to practice more - you keep wanting that good feedback, and you keep trying harder and harder to get it. Positive...
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    Re: Ebay: maple top mandolin

    I am curious about it, if it was closer it would be worth a road trip to see it, but it's about 4 1/2 hours away. Too bad - it could be interesting.
  4. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    If it was $500 or so I might give it consideration - that would be a price I could afford and I am (casually) looking for a 1920s Gibson. But needing work at the price they are asking, no thanks.
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    Re: Gravity and mando case surprise...

    I am 2 months short of 65, and fell on the ice a couple of weeks ago, My comment was "I am usually not happy for my 'padding' on the rear of my body, but I was this time." Kind of a natural...
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    Re: collecting and playing mandolins ?

    I have guitars also, a 12-string, a couple of 6-string steel string, and a couple of nylon-string, I own them for their different sounds. I also own several mandolins, they all have different sounds...
  7. Thread: Used Gibsons

    by LadysSolo

    Re: Used Gibsons

    I too am looking for a used Gibson (but casually, if I happen on one for the right price, fine, if not, okay too,) but to answer your question, Yes - I bought my Collings used for a good price,...
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    Re: In case or on stand?

    Cases unless being played - I have dogs and cats who are NOT graceful! (Of course, neither am I! LOL!!)
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    Re: Calton Cases - in pictures

    Nice! Purple is my favorite color - didn't know anyone made mando cases in purple! Or is it guitar cases only?:mandosmiley:
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    Re: Ibanez Buyer beware

    My Larrivee guitar came with a whole little pamphlet in the case explaining proper humidity levels and how to keep the humidity there. Was pretty important to Larrivee.
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    Re: TMS to Nashville

    Now it will be in (sort of) driving distance for those of us in Ohio - a (long) one-day "road trip!"
  12. Re: On eBay, 2007 Eastman MD615 with "some" wear

    And what's with all of the scratches on the headstock? And I shipped a guitar to Boston for $60.00 First Class. So $144 is WAY high IMHO.
  13. Re: We have a 3-way race: Collings vs Pava vs Gilchrist

    I'm glad I don't have to make the decision - I've never played a Gil, so no opinion there, but I own a Collings and a Pava, and I love both, (although as mentioned above, both sound different -...
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    Re: This Repurposing Thing Has Gone Too Far

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    Re: Live From Here video today

    Had a group on this week called "Bedouin," I believe that I had never heard before - really good group! I was impressed.
  16. Re: Looking for Information on Older Bowlback Mandolin

    Pictures of the headstock (front and back,) and any labels inside the oval hole will help with identification. Thanks!
  17. Re: What Does Vinaccia and Phillips have in Common ?

    Un"restored", I might (as a bowlback lover) have been interested in it, but now it would be crazy to have to undo the "repairs" and get it back to its (near) original state.
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    Re: Should I be insulted?

    I play Classical/Folk and soft rock. See animal reaction above. And my dogs are a long-haired mini-dashchund, and a Jack Russell terrier
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    Re: Should I be insulted?

    One cat sits in my case while I play, one leaves the room, and the other two don't care one way or the other. The dogs also could not care less. I don't know whether to be flattered or not, or if my...
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    Re: Mystery Solved

    I wonder if it is just neck sweat on the strap coming off on your shirt, or if it is actually stain getting on your shirt. My straps have never stained my clothes, which is why I am wondering (and I...
  21. Re: Sound: opinions sought on technique vs instrument, i.e. anti-

    I think of it slightly differently, but the result is the same: I need all the help I can get from my instrument! LOL!! I did this, and I KNOW the problem isn't my mandolins, it's me! Play a variety...
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    Re: Quite ill with a trach and a feeding tube

    Dan - best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I agree with the sentiment that mandolins have healing powers - recovery goes quicker with something to recover FOR - so plan to be playing as soon...
  23. Re: Waylon Jennings Personal Martin Mandolin A Style w/documentat

    Seller probably bought it thinking he could resell it and make a killing on it. Didn't seem to work for him. Needs to learn to play it, it seems.
  24. Re: Violin Etudes/Studies for mandolin advancement

    I know this is an ancient thread, but I just purchased most of the books mentioned in this thread, I think they will be VERY helpful in getting me to progress! And the exercises look like fun!
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    Re: Please allow me to introduce myself...

    Hi Norm! Never too old to learn a new instrument - I took up mandolin at age 60, after starting guitar in my youth and putting it away for 40 years (work, family, and life got in the way.) Discovered...
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