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  1. Collings MT2 versus Single Shop Builder Purchase?

    Since I don't get out much (especially with Covid) I must defer to those with much more experience than myself. I'm hoping to make a final mandolin purchase and put MAS to
    rest. Has everyone stopped...
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    1951 F-12 Versus F-5 Construction?

    Would a 1951 F-5 and a 1951 F-12 share construction techniques and build quality
    other then cosmetics and scale length?
    Thanks and Happy New Year
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    Luthier for Mandolin setup in Southeast PA?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a luthier to do a setup on a mandolin
    in Southeast Pennsylvania?
    Much Thanks
  4. How important is having the original hardshell case?

    Interested in how others feel about how important an original hardshell case is to the sale
    of a vintage mandolin?
  5. 1957 Fender Mandocaster Fingerboard Cleanup?

    Kindly advise as to "cleanup" options on this fingerboard.
    Much Thanks
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