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    Eastman octave mandolin $350 - CL

    Just saw this online:
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    Re: Unusual Suspects

    I'll take my Collings MT2-O (Engelmann top) to any bluegrass jam. It has unusually strong high end for an oval hole mandolin.
    I think the Italian spruce, even more so.
    I like having a fuller sound...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    Our recorded material has mostly individual solos.

    When we play live it's looser with...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    I play mandolin in a string swing jazz band. Our lineup is upright bass, guitar, mandolin, violin, clarinet. We often have 2 or 3 instruments "soloing" at the same time. Usually mandolin, violin &...
  5. Re: Naked Bridge Post Is Shredding My Palm

    This is the best solution. While you're at it, you can sand down the sharp edges of the saddle too.
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    Re: A-String Buzz

    How far up the fretboard can you play and still hear a buzz? I'm suspecting a high fret somewhere near the neck joint. This might be addressed by adjusting the truss-rod, or raising the bridge, or...
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    Re: Transposing tunes composed for horns

    If you're playing jazz, you're going to have to learn to play in those keys. A few reasons, a bunch of the repertoire is recorded in those keys and transcribed in those keys. If you're going to jam...
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    Re: Refret for Gibson F9

    I'd get a pickup installed in your 2nd mandolin and then send your Gibson to Bruce Weber for the refret. I just had my Collings refretted by him. $300 + shipping with your choice of wire for the...
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    If you do a search here for JBovier you will find they have a strong following. They are a very small shop. In my opinion, they are among the best Pac Rim mandolins available. The owner Jeff has the...
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    I've owned and played both the Kentucky KM-1050 and the Northfield F5S. The Northfield is far better. Both have radiused fretboards. I felt the Kentucky had a much narrower range and the Northfield...
  11. Re: Does this seem reasonable for a first mandolin?

    I would sooner go with this Kentucky KM-150 for $250 with case.
    All solid wood construction, whereas The Loar LM-110 has laminate back and sides.
  12. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Older traditional oval hole mandolins have a shorter neck that attaches to the body at the 12th fret (or sometimes even shorter). Also those mandolins usually have the fretboard attached directly to...
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    Re: cheap external pickup

    The stick on external pickups are not great.
    I'd go with the JJB Mercato that has a carpenter jack. Install the pickups with blu-tack and you'll be good to go, no drilling required and easily...
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    Collings MT2-O refret by Bruce Weber

    Reunited with my stage mandolin in Bozeman MT after a much needed re-fret by the legendary Bruce Weber of Montana Lutherie!
    Bruce pulled the old and very worn frets and re-leveled the finger board....
  15. Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List


    Clark - in your price range, A style or 2 point

    Last time I was in Denver Folklore Center, they had a really nice...
  16. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Excellent choice!
    I have a Kentucky KM-272 which is the same instrument in a different color. I love how easy it is to play and it has a rich even tone. Of all of my mandolins, including a Collings...
  17. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Another Kentucky KM-150 with case for $300
  18. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    The Breedlove Crossover series is not that great. Pressed top and back, not carved. Also have a think poly finish that deadens the sound.
    If you're looking for an oval hole mandolin, look for a...
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    Re: Pango Mandocello

    It looks like Jonathan is selling his. Curiously, for more than they cost new?
  20. Re: Help me find a mando for my 10 yr old daughter

    Kentucky KM-150 for $325 with hardcase. New condition and good setup:
  21. Re: Mandolin players who bought or have played a Waterloo Mandoli

    I was in Gryphon Strings a few weeks ago and played all of the oval hole mandolins they had in the shop.
    I liked the Waterloo, but I don't think it is $1000 better than the Northfield Calhoun. The...
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    Re: Rubner tuners are back

    I bought a set of the Rubner A style mandolin tuners for a Collings MT that had terrible Golden Age tuners on it. The Rubners were so much better than the Golden Age tuners. I'm thinking I might buy...
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    Re: Eastman MD515 tailpiece replacement

    I've never been very fond of the Eastman cast tailpiece. I think they're a pain in the ass with the loop posts where they are.
    I'd find a nice cast tailpiece like an Allen or something and use it...
  24. Re: mando in $300 price range for Italian songs

    I'd go for this Eastman LA-305 for $280.
    Same model as Eastman MD-305, but labeled for Music&Arts retail.
    New, $500.
  25. Re: KC area Luthier suggestions for 3" crack/ top of my Northfiel

    Mark Franzke is very good!

    Mike Black also:

    KC & Lawrence area is a hotbed of great Mandolin makers repair people.
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