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    Re: ToneGuard Question

    I think the point the OP made is that perhaps in some cases there is some other effect of using the ToneGard, perhaps linked to pressure on the ridges of the instrument. I have not noticed this, and...
  2. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    Well to balance it out, my newphew, when he was pretty young, asked me very earnestly: "Uncle Jeff, why do you play the mandolin? Isn't that something musicians do?"
  3. Re: Why are good mandolins more expensive than good guitars?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you can't tell the difference between a premium mandolin and an inexpensive mandolin consider yourself lucky.
  4. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    The thing is, I'm a beginner mando player - at best. I'm whatever comes before that. So to be picking with friends is awesome in terms of just not caring if I hit a bum note. It's a progress...
  5. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    Not to sound like a pity-party in any way . . . but those of you who have folks to regularly play/jam with should consider yourself very blessed - it is one of the greatest tools for learning and...
  6. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    I can certainly endorse your thinking. Regular music sessions at home and in other venues have been a huge benefit to me following the very unexpected death of my wife just over a year ago. Family...
  7. Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    ... and I am so grateful for them! Every Sunday, I have a different couple of people drop by. I cook lunch for them, we eat together, then we eventually pick on tunes. Every Sunday is different, and...
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    Re: What's taking you so long in there?

    My father, growing up a military brat in the 60s, was about as straight-arrow a teenager as you could imagine.

    The story goes that he and his girlfriend are cooking dinner at her parents' house,...
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    Re: Understanding double-stops...

    I think a lot of fairly new players are stumped by that first step. While playing a song (not having been previously played or prepared), finding that harmony note is not obvious. After...
  10. Re: 2020 X-Series -- The new Sorensen Sprite 2X Two-Point

    Here's Chip Bach picking a new tune he's calling L'il Black Dog on his new Sorensen Sprite 2X Two-Point --

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    Re: Summer NAMM 2019 Report

    That Ellis 2 point oval checks all the boxes. Serious MAS for that one. Gorgeous in every way.

    Thanks for the pics and report Scott.
  12. Re: How much should I ask? Weber Black Ice Octave + mandolin

    Separate. Ask for 2/3rds. Be happy with anything over half original.

    Or ask 1 million each. That way you don't have to worry about selling them and, hey, you tried.
  13. Re: Saw this on; thought it was funny.

    Maybe the form they had to fill out at the hospital said “Middle Name (Pick one)” and they thought that meant “Pick” was the number one choice.
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    Re: a bad practice session

    I call it quits. Otherwise, all I'm doing is practicing my mistakes.
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    The Weber Build Part 1

    This showed up in my e-mail today. For those that didn't get it, take a look!
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    Re: NMD 1941 Strad-O-Lin

    A bit of an update. Easy to say it's a keeper. Played 2 shows on Saturday. First show was an indoor farmer's market. Arrived early and they wanted music right away. So started picking the mandolin....
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    Re: Resisting the "Iron Maiden"

    The problem I have practicing with a metronome is it slows down on the easy part and speeds up on the hard parts.
  18. Re: Are you improving? Talk about humps, plateus, and breakthrou

    I've been playing mandolin for almost a year now. And it's crazy, even in the course of any given month, how much I feel like I hit plateaus and breakthroughs.

    Some recent ones:

  19. Are you improving? Talk about humps, plateus, and breakthroughs.

    I was thinking this was a really big year for me on mandolin. A lot has happened in a good way.

    My last hump was when I got bored and disheartened with my limited bluegrass repertoire, none of...
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    Re: Johnny Adams Two-point. #032.

    He just sent me pictures of number 072 which he says might be his last.
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    Re: Mercy: Ellis 2-Point Special

    since this has popped back up, I can answer some questions. Roughly, this is $4000 more than my Deluxe A, but its a special, not a deluxe (triple bound everywhere mitered points, etc.). This...
  22. Re: What’s the hardest tune you can play on mandolin? (Or family)

    The song I'm trying to learn now.
  23. Re: What’s the hardest tune you can play on mandolin? (Or family)

    In all seriousness, it’s all hard for me.
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    Re: My new to me Weber arrived.


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    Re: The "Beater": Yes or No

    Same here. I am curious about joining up. "Honey, I'm going to church tonight" sounds better than "I'm going out for cigars and bourbon".
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