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    Re: Thank You, Collings

    I had a similar experience with defective tuners om an MT. They could not have been more helpful in getting me setup with new tuners.
    They obviously put customer service on par with building fine...
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    Re: Seagull S8

    Thank you for the review. I played one at Elderly Instruments. I could not help comparing it to travel mandolins I have owned and in that category it excelled but lacking when compared to mandolins...
  3. Re: Country Mandolin players in the Honky-Tonk era

    I mostly prefer to play 40s/50s country and 50s/60s rockabilly. Not a lot of mandolin to be found from those genres. I find no problem adapting mandolin to country of that era. I find it much more...
  4. Re: Live From Here - Is There a Better Music Show ANYWHERE?

    I loved the old show. I love LFH. Two different animals. Kind of like saying a wool sweater doesn't hold a candle to snow boots or the 20/20 news show doesn't hold a candle to the Andy Griffith show....
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    Re: Disappointment

    Just Curious! Was it offered for sale by a non mandolinist? I often see mandolins offered for sale (Usually not the Cafe classifieds) by non players that acquired a mandolin with no knowledge of the...
  6. Re: Live From Here - Is There a Better Music Show ANYWHERE?

    Yes, These were great shows ALSO! Perhaps, you left a few out like Mac Davis, Johnny Cash and West Virginia Mountain Stage. Again great shows. Aren't we lucky to have been born in or able to come to...
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    Re: Five String Madness

    Jeff, Looks great! Let us know how hard or easy you find adapting to the fan frets.
  8. Re: Live From Here - Is There a Better Music Show ANYWHERE?

    Again in my humble opinion, he could loose the "YA HOY". It sounds like he is approaching shore on a sail boat.
  9. Re: Live From Here - Is There a Better Music Show ANYWHERE?

    If I had his talent I would be a smug little show off. He can show off his talent for my entertainment anytime. Never noticed him being smug as it is his talent that wows me. Just my humble opinion.
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    Re: Looking for some recommendations

    ALFREDS Teach Yourself to Play Mandolin You will learn to read music while your fingers simultaneously learn the fret board.
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    Re: What a day!

    I think you so eloquently put into words what many feel. Perhaps with different influences. For me Jerry Lee Lewis, Gram Parsons, Levon Helm, Hank Williams, Peter Ostroushko, and oh my, where do I...
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    Re: How to learn by ear

    Will give this a try though I will have to alter some of the instruction as I can not sing back to myself a tune. I have no ability to sing. This in it's self requires me to learn the melody to a...
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    Re: DR MD-11 mandolin strings

    I see no reason for apology and no problem with rehashing a previously covered topic pulled from the archives. This happens repeatedly with strings and picks at nauseam for some or sparks memory for...
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    Re: Fingerstyle mandolin

    My youngest son (stepson and 29 years old) plays mandola this way and to my astonishment and I should say envy has no trouble being heard.
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    I have not ever bought or sold a mandolin via the Cafe classifieds that a 48 hr. trial period was not part of the deal. Buyer pays shipping both ways if not satisfied.
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1050 vs Northfield F5S

    Ditto Used
    I believe all of the Kentucky Master series to be of fine quality with nice tone, volume, and playability. I believe the KM 1050 has a flat fret board which is OK if you prefer a flat...
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    Re: Stiver Mandolin Experience

    I appreciate input received and find these views echo my experiences with Stiver Mandolins.
    Not heard from anyone that that has owned a Stiver that they were unable to bond with or why they were...
  18. Re: Disappointed with the Nashville music scene

    Full disclosure, Not a huge Grasser here though acts like Billy Strings (perhaps not pure bluegrass) is growing on me.
    But on NASHVILLE and as a fan of 40s and 50s country/rockabilly I have been...
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    Stiver Mandolin Experience

    Tell me about your Stiver Mandolin. How did it compare to other mandolins you have owned or played?
    I have wanted a Stiver since I first had one in my hands and have finally pulled the trigger on...
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    Re: Shipping Costs

    Approximately 90.00 USPS with (I think) $1.8K insurance Pittsburgh to Albuquerque.
  21. Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    I have always wanted to test drive a June and a Jacobson.

    Have fun shopping!
  22. Re: Mandolin Considerations -- Add to my List

    I have always wanted to test drive a June and a Jacobson

    Have fun shopping!
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    Re: Ideas for a mandolin, $500-1,000

    Lots of options of which I have not played but have heard good things about. Howard Morris comes off the top of my head. As to those that I have experience with include several lower and middle...
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    Re: Parting with a beloved mandolin

    I know exactly what you are saying. My saving grace is that my Kentucky 950 makes a very good alternate mandolin. I previously owned a few Eastmans and a Kentucky F style that we’re Ok alternates but...
  25. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    Buy used from the Cafe classifies and ask for a 48 hour return with you paying shipping both ways if the mandolin does not tickle your fancy.
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