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  1. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    David Harvey seems like a great guy from the multiple accounts I've read (including yours) and the interviews I've seen. I'm saving up for one of his Gibsons. They sound great.
  2. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    That's too funny. Lol. I could appreciate seeing such a warning, though. I've seen a few videos of people showing off their instruments that sounded like cats scratching chalk boards. I've often...
  3. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    YouTube's policy sounds reasonable to me. The creator of a video knows whether they made it for kids or not, teenagers included. These videos are obvious to me.
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    Re: Is my MAS dead?

    I think it's possible. I had GAS even after I found my two lifer guitars. But then after playing some guitars that were supposedly better than my two lifers and seeing they were not, I realized I'm...
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    Re: Missing the bluegrass sound

    I would guess that you're playing probably sounds too mechanical, rigid, or technical. Or to put it another way, you play like an engineer rather than an artist. It's a natural progression. You have...
  6. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I actually think it helps to play more than one instrument in a class of instruments, such as string instruments.

    I was always curious about the mandolin, but only when I started getting serious...
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    Re: How to learn by ear

    An often overlooked benefit of learning a tune by ear is that while you work through the trial and error phase of finding the notes from the recording, you also end up building a huge vocabulary of...
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    Re: Looking for beginner mandolin.

    I had 25+ years on the guitar before playing a single note on a mandolin. I started with an Eastman 515 I got from a store specializing in acoustic instruments. The setup was great from day one.
  9. Re: Gibson Master Model vs. Ellis F5 with all of his highest opti

    There was a great interview with George Gruhn that came out in an article this past summer. Gruhn identified three classes of guitar buyers; players, collectors, and speculators. He placed the value...
  10. One upcoming announcement? How about "Gibson...

    One upcoming announcement? How about "Gibson slashes prices for loyal fans to indulge." Haha.

    The Gibson Goldrush they have looks and sounds fantastic. I was in the woods the other day and while...
  11. Re: Off in the weeds on my first mando purchase ...

    I was there. Long time guitar player later on picking up the mandolin. I'm 6'1", though, with average to large hands I suppose. I went with the Eastman MD 515. It felt wierd at first, but I got the...
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    Re: Year old mandolin

    I love the worn in look on well used musical instruments. I can't wait to wear a spot through the sunburst finish on my D-18GE, and I like the grey clouded appearance that's starting to develop on my...
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    Re: Almost Heaven.. Surprise, Arizona!

    Never played one myself, but I have read multiple accounts of Gibson Master Models that started out as disappointments (given the initial price) but then opened up and became absolute monsters with...
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    Re: Classically Trained, wanting to expand

    Two books and CDs I found beneficial were 1) Steve Kaufman's Four-Hour Bluegrass Workout For All Instruments and 2) Bluegrass Jamming on Mandolin: Tips, Tunes & Techniques, by Wayne Erbsen.
  15. Re: I think something's wrong with my mandolin.

    Did you play the lottery?

    On the rare occassion mine doesn't need tuning, I feel luck is on my side and that I should rush to the store and buy a Powerball ticket.
  16. Re: Sierra Hull and Billy Strings, Grey Fox June 2019

    Great stuff. And it reminded me of the thread that started a month or so ago asking if anyone else ever confused the beginnings of various fiddle tunes as many sound similar.

    You could see at the...
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    Re: Vulfpeck - Thile appearance

    Thile always struck me as genuine, as an artist who lets the music completely take him over in every way to the point where he doesn't care one thousandth of one percent what anyone else thinks of...
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    Re: Jam etiquette

    I was leading a song in a circle jam while playing guitar and called out "fiddle." I couldn't remember any of the fiddlers' names but nodded to one guy in particular. Well, all three fiddlers heard...
  19. Re: Rhonda Vincent among celebs used by scammers

    I went to a Cyber Security Conference/CLE on Tuesday. The sophistication and tech that hackers use blows the mind. Frankly, if people knew the real threat of online activity it would chill people's...
  20. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    Be very careful about falling into the try before you buy trap, especially regarding new
    instruments. A few months back a guy thought he could do that on a new Martin Authentic guitar from a very...
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    Re: What's In Your Mind

    The solution/cure to the performance problem you identified is much too complex, expansive, and detailed to write about in a simple post. If you really want to improve in this area you should read...
  22. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    Call me a contrarian. I found it unwatchable. I couldn't stand 16 minutes of the one I saw. There's no way I could endure 16 hours.

    We should loop it for all detained enemy combatants. They'll...
  23. Re: Sierra Hull and Chris Smither Live show

    Nice video. Each time I've seen Sierra Hull play (on Youtube) she seemed to curl her pick hand fingers in and made a noticeable fist. In the portions of the video I watched, which was just recently...
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    Re: Thumb Pick

    I once thought about doing that-using thumbpicks. My skin chemistry is such that picks of all sorts get super slippery. Some say BlueChip picks get grippy when warm. Not for me. Still slippery.
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    Re: Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music

    A documentary on Bluegrass left out Clarence White? Seriously? That's like doing a documentary on Woodstock and leaving out Jimi Hendrix.
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