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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    Three more resources are:

    1. The Nakano archive, now partially reposted in the members section of CMSA: Link. I'm not a CMSA member, so I'm not sure how much of the original archive is posted to...
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Many thanks for the kind comments!

    John: I like it when tunes have a sense of location and connotations, at least through the title. It adds a cultural hinterland to them and makes it easier to...
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    Re: John Goodin mandolin duets

    Here are another three of John's tunes, all using harmony parts from his ebook "May Frost", available at:

    Ekin Avenue (mandocello duet):

    This hornpipe...
  4. Gavotta: "Dolci carezze" (I. Bitelli, 1916)

    Ignazio Bitelli (1916): "Dolci carezze" - Gavotta
    In: "Il Mandolino", 30 July 1916

    This is an Italian gavotte for mandolin (two mandolins and guitar), written in 1916 and published in "Il...
  5. John Goodin: "Ekin Avenue" (hornpipe) mandocello duet

    Here is a new mandocello duet I've recorded today.

    This hornpipe was written by John Goodin in 2005 and published in his 2018 collection "May Frost":
  6. Re: That International Rag - Irving Berlin

    That looks good, Andy -- we've been having a lot of fun lately with the Tin Pan Alley songs in Evelyn's latest book, including Irving Berlin's "Simple Melody".

    Do you happen to have the chord...
  7. Re: "Conchita" - tango for mandolin quartet

    This should of course read "30 July 1916". Apologies.

  8. "Conchita" - tango for mandolin quartet

    Ignazio Bitelli (1916): "Conchita" - tango
    In: "Il Mandolino", 30 July 2016

    This is an Italian tango for mandolin quartet (two mandolins, mandola in G and guitar), written in 1916 in the middle...
  9. Re: Bocca Profumata (F. Francia, 1897) , Italian waltz

    I handed out copies of this waltz at our weekly group rehearsal yesterday for a sightread playthrough -- for those who run practice groups or informal classical gatherings, I can confirm that it's...
  10. Bocca Profumata (F. Francia, 1897) , Italian waltz

    Ferdinando Francia (d. 1904): "Bocca profumata" - Valzer, Op. 192
    Published in "Il Mandolino", 30 August 1897

    This is a lovely Italian waltz for two mandolins and guitar, written by Ferdinando...
  11. Re: “So Long & Thanks For All The Fish”

    For the original BBC radio and TV adaptation, they used the album version of "Journey of the Sorcerer" (from the "One Of These Nights" album by the Eagles, which predates Hitchhiker by a few years)...
  12. Dream A Little Dream Of Me, mandolin mandocello tenor guitar

    "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" (1931)
    Music: Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt
    Lyrics: Gus Kahn (not in my version -- it's an instrumental cover)

    This is song is best-known in the 1968 cover by...
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    Re: Vintage Viaten intonation

    This doesn't look right at all. I have just checked the intonation on my own Viaten -- it's just fine on all four strings. 3.5 mm difference in saddle location is a lot, so unless somebody moved...
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    Re: Trouble Playing A major

    Don't bother with the 5 on the top string: that's an A which you already have with the 2 on the bottom string. So, 2-2-4-x is a complete A major chord played by putting the first finger as a barre...
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    Re: Vintage Viaten intonation

    I have a Viaten, and haven't had any particular intonation issues. However, I use custom gauges and have mine set up for GDAE. I haven't personally tried CGDA tuning but have seen other comments...
  16. Re: Tension of Fisoma Consort strings safe for Embergher?

    On mine as well -- I've been using these strings on my Embergher as well as my 1890s Ceccherini for more than ten years and haven't had any problems. I'm not sure why this would be, but they do seem...
  17. Re: "Jenny of Oldstones", Game of Thrones soundtrack (S8E2)

    As I've made quite a few changes from the piano transcription I started with, I now attach PDFs of my revised score for mandolin, mandocello and guitar, for those who want to try it -- it's a fun...
  18. "Jenny of Oldstones", Game of Thrones soundtrack (S8E2)

    Ramin Djawad: Jenny of Oldstones (Jenny's Song)

    This is my instrumental cover on mandolin, tenor guitar and mandocello of the song sung by Podrick at the end of Season 8, Episode 2 of Game Of...
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    Gamine - Valse Musette (Jean Linard)

    Jean Linard (c. 1930s): "Gamine" - Valse Musette

    This lovely musette waltz has been in our group repertoire since before I joined 15 years ago, in a transcribed score credited to Johan B. Kok...
  20. Re: Mandolin sources in Yale University library

    Many thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response, Pieter. Tempo and ornamentation are always delicate subjects with the late Baroque/early Classical repertoire - I'm trying to edicate myself as...
  21. Re: Mandolin sources in Yale University library

    Thanks, Pieter!

    The Palesi sonata is good fun. Without a tempo marking, I had to take a guess at an appropriate tempo, and this felt about right for the piece and my skill level. Obviously given...
  22. Re: Mandolin sources in Yale University library

    This is a wonderful find -- thank you, Pieter!

    I wanted to have a go at recording some of this great volume of music, selected mainly on the grounds that it looked like I might be able to...
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    Re: First classical mandolin...

    I like playing classical on my Mid-Mo, but would be wary of using the M-11 for that purpose. The mahogany sounds very nice and warm, but it is quite dark. That is not really the tone I would want...
  24. Pavane (Fauré), arranged for two mandolins

    Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924): Pavane (Op. 50, 1887)

    This is an arrangement of Fauré's Pavane as a duet of two mandolins, based on various Musescore duet arrangements of the piece, mainly this one by...
  25. Re: Fiddle tunes for viola or mandola - free collection

    Try the books by Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni. Hundreds of traditional (and non-traditional) fiddle tunes, all with melody and two harmony lines (usually one in the viola range and one in the cello...
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