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    Re: Best Free online video lessons?

    Not free but Banjo Ben Clark has an inexpensive entry price to his online video plus tab lessons for mandolin, banjo and bluegrass guitar at Lessons cost $12.50 a month and you...
  2. Thread: Neck Width

    by bluenote23

    Re: Neck Width

    I have a Rover RM 75 and a The Loar LM 700. The The Loar has a wider neck than the Rover. It is not a lot wider but noticeable. I think the LM 700 is supposed to have a wider than normal neck.
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    Re: String height from fretboard

    Forum member Rob Meldrum has written an E-book about setting up your mandolin with your questions answered. You can contact him and ask him for a free copy of his book here:
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    Re: Best Website for Lessons/Tips/Videos/etc.

    Not free but at $12.50 a month with no obligation (other than the first month) is a great deal. And his newest lesson is about mandolin basics (left and right hand positioning...
  5. Re: Anyone change the tailpiece on thier "The Loar" 700?

    If you want to spend some cash and you have the stock bridge on your LM700, then I would swap that out for a Cumberland bridge. I did that and it there was a marked improvement in tone.
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    Re: Best F style for $500-$700

    Here is my personal experience.
    I started with a used Rover RM75 which cost me under $300. It was okay. Easy to play though if I set the action too low it fretted out on the 13th fret on the A. The...
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    Re: Where do I start?

    It used to be a no brainer at $5 a month but even at the higher price of $12.50 a month, is a great place for mandolin lesson videos and tabs (and banjo and bluegrass picking...
  8. Re: Of all the things you can do with a banjo....

    Mandolin players could never think of using a mandolin as a weapon of destruction but I was surprised at how heavy banjos are. I used to think 10 lb Gibson Les Pauls were heavy but that's lightweight...
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    Re: Left hand technique

    You've mentioned pain in other posts but it was never clear where you felt the pain.
    If it was in your fingertips, then that's pretty normal, even if you played a lot of guitar before. I found it...
  10. Re: New player looking for any types of advice!

    I started playing in November. When I first got my mandolin, I came here and checked out the chord resource to learn a few chords. Then I downloaded a couple of tabs but mostly learned some tunes...
  11. Re: Washburn M118SWK - exchange predicament, need some advice

    My very inexpensive Rover RM75 had much better finishing inside the scroll but did not sound nearly as good as the LM700. To me, the finishing is not a big deal and I would take a better sounding...
  12. Re: A query: availability of a tutor on mandolin tableture?

    I am not quite sure what the question is. Do you want to know how to use a piece of software like TEF to make tabs or do you want to learn music theory so that you can write down the notes?

    If you...
  13. Re: Washburn M118SWK - exchange predicament, need some advice

    I have a The Loar LM700. I used to have a Rover RM75.

    The Loar has larger frets and a little wider fretboard. I found it was more comfortable (for me) than the Rover (I was coming over from the...
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    Re: Trouble with open chords and open E string

    Again, I am just a beginner and maybe I am playing wrong but there is no gap (usually) between the crook of my thumb and index and the neck. The counterpressure comes from my hand, not my thumb. Of...
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    Re: Trouble with open chords and open E string

    I am just a beginner here so I hope I am not giving you bad advice. Hopefully others will double check what I am telling you.

    Unlike the guitar, where you use your thumb for support at the back of...
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    Re: Holding and using the pick

    I stand corrected. Being a beginner, I shouldn't really be giving advice anyway.
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    Re: Holding and using the pick

    I hold the pick very loosely with my thumb and first finger with a little support from my middle finger. Ben Clark says to hold it so loosely that it almost feels like it's going to fall out of your...
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    Re: Any good beginner videos?

    I'm just starting and I've subscribed to Banjo Ben Clark's lessons.
    At $5 a month, it's a great deal. He has some of his teaching videos for free on youtube but lots of these...
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    Re: RH Form: Assistance Requested

    As a beginner (I've been playing since October) here is what I can tell you.
    1. Hitting the right notes is a question of practice. I don't think there are any tricks. Like Jim Garber says, play slow...
  20. Re: Sore fingers - but now know altogether 7 chords

    Actually (in a follow up to my earlier post) I would be more precise and say sore fingertips. If the tips of your fingers get sore, especially when you are starting out that is really normal. If they...
  21. Re: Sore fingers - but now know altogether 7 chords

    I'm pretty much just starting too though I have been playing the guitar for a long time.

    Fingers hurting are a good sign. It means you're working. I think it's okay if you stop when you feel they...
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    Re: re. fixing intonation

    + means you are sharp.

    You need to reintonate the mandolin. Tune up the G string and then check the tuning at the octave. Remember the mnemonic: Flat Forward. So if the octave is flat, slide the...
  23. Re: The Loar LM700 and Cumberland bridge sound clips

    You have to have a little confidence in your own skills but you just need to tape some 100 grit sandpaper to the top of the mandolin (I use electrical tape. I first put a layer of tape around the...
  24. The Loar LM700 and Cumberland bridge sound clips

    Now I own several Gretsch guitars and swapping out bridges on those is a pretty common activity (in which I have participated) but I never found the results particularily radical. Granted, the...
  25. Re: What Type of Mandolin for a Long-Time Electric Guitar Player?

    I too am a longish time electric guitar player who recently picked up the mandolin.

    I myself would try to get the best sounding acoustic mandolin for the price you want to pay and forget about...
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