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  1. Re: Mandolin and/or guitar luthier near north Georgia?

    Marty Jacobson is in the Vinings/Smyrna area just to the Northwest of Atlanta. Also, the guys at Maple Street Guitars in Atlanta (buckhead) are pretty good from what I hear.
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    James Tailpiece Damping

    Here's a little trick I came up with to make a great tailpiece even better. You can buy these stick-on felt pads at just about any hardware/Home Depot kind of store. Takes care of overtones, buzzing...
  3. Re: Safety of taking an instrument on European trains

    You can get a small cable lock and secure your case to the luggage rack on longer trips. Or even a locking carabiner -- anything that will deter a quick grab can reduce the chance of theft.
  4. Re: Safety of taking an instrument on European trains

    I take my mandolin and sometimes the tenor guitar on the train in the Uk every 2nd week.
    The thing to do is figure out which platform you're going from before everyone else does and get on as early...
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    Re: On Line Lessons

    I just finished Matt Flinner's Bluegrass Mandolin 101. I have to say I was a little skeptical about the whole online thing but I have always liked Matt's stuff and what he tried to do with Bluegrass...
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