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  1. Re: Difference between a tenor guitar and a plectrum guitar

    A few pix of my ca, 1939 Vega Advanced C-66 plectrum guitar.180900180901180901180902
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    Re: Tenor Guitar Gallery & Sightings

    Great shot of Eddie Condon with his Gibson PLECTRUM archtop. Note the longer scale and more frets. Like Eddie, I'm a plectrum banjoist who didn't want to learn a new tuning...I play a Vega C-66...
  3. Re: Anyone ever play a Martin archtop tenor guitar?

    A beautiful instrument! I'm a plectrum [formerly tenor] banjoist and have always loved tenor guitars. I own a very rare bird: a ca. 1939 Vega archtop PLECTRUM guitar. It's an Advanced C-66 model, and...
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