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    Jerusalem Ridge...on Jerusalem Ridge

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    Re: Pharis and Jason Romero

    thanks for posting this,
  3. Re: Tour the Gibson Mandolin Factory? - this week - other cool si

    Johnny Cash museum is really neat. its a self guided tour so you get to spend all the time you want looking at everything.

  4. Don't Worry Be Happy - Mandolin and loop pedal cover
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    Re: Tone Maturation - Hamlett Two-Point

    excellent video, mandolin sounds special, very cool/fun arrangement that will be on my short list to learn.
    thanks for posting
  6. "Shine" (Collective Soul), Sierra Hull and band

    and with Lindsay Lou
  7. who is the young man on stage with the legends

    has mandolin in hand, sounds very mature
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    Re: Herschel Sizemore passes
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    Re: Finger style mandolin

    Wayne Henderson playing with fingerpicks at 7:14.

    if you haven't watched this before, start from the beginning, neat video. at the end Andrew Marlin is in the video as well.
  10. Ryman Auditorium, february 11, 1995, Bill, Emmylou, Sam

    here we are watching this moment in 2022
  11. Sierra Hull "Mad World" 7/29/22 Ossipee Valley Music Festival

    i've always enjoyed this as a fingerstyle guitarist(Michael Chapdelaine has an amazing version of it), and over the last few years SH has been doing it and it just works. this has to be the best...
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    Re: Just tried a Blue Chip pick on my mandolin

    i love my Bluechip picks. TAD-1R is the shape and size i've really found works for me.

  13. Re: Article: New Owners of Weber Mandolins Announced

    this is great news!
    i own two later year model TOH mandolins and know that Ryan had a lot of hands on with both. i've owned more than a couple of Webers thru the years, and i've been extremely...
  14. interesting short talk with L Dudenbostel from a News station

    based on the oldest comment, this appears to be at least 5 years old, may be more-i don't know.

    some interesting content, would love to hear a good interview of about an hour or more with Lynn,...
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    Dudenbostel 2-point

    info with the video:

    "This is a new model mandolin for me, my first 2 point. I call this model the "Grand Nouveau". Engelmann spruce top, koa back sides and neck, with my modified version of a...
  16. "Over The Mountain (feat. Sierra Hull)" - Cory Wong (Live @ Brook


    4:40 and beyond, goodness, amazing musicianship. i would so be hitting wrong notes, off time, hands, eyes, brain tired, forget where i was and be looking at Cory like, "ok, i'm done, please...
  17. A Loar Story with Darren Nicholson: June 13, 1923 Gibson F-5 Mand

    i just found this, it may have already posted here. this is a really neat story and a great tune played at the end.

    enjoy if you haven't seen this, and if you have, i think you'll really like...
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    Re: Crushed stone for headstock inlay?

    not sure if this will help you with ideas or whatever, but check out Kanilea Ukulele website for some pictures of crushed stone inlay. they even use sand for the fret markers sometimes.
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    Re: LIVE Unboxing of Gibson Mandolins

    thanks for posting this, i didn't have time to dig it out, it is very cool!
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    LIVE Unboxing of Gibson Mandolins

    i like watching these guys, looks like a nice shop as well.

    would have enjoyed being there to take in the "aroma" as each case was opened.
    i truly adore my F9, they have such a woody old style...
  21. amazing mandolin, dobro, bass, electric, fiddle at Grey Fox

    catch jerry douglas around 3:00, Sierra Hull 5:18 to 8:00
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    Re: NMD - Turkey Creek

    thats a cool looking TC mando. couple years ago when i was first starting with mandolin i found a story about Turkey Creek and Brad Van Loenen. I can't remember the article contents but it was...
  23. Re: this is so cool-Marty stuart and Carter Webb

    I have not heard the Pilgrim album but i definitely will do so. I've always thought Marty is a cool cat and would be a whole lot of fun to hang out with. The documentary told me a lot of things about...
  24. Re: this is so cool-Marty stuart and Carter Webb

    i thought it was a really funny moment when Marty slipped in something about Carter could always quit school.........
  25. this is so cool-Marty stuart and Carter Webb

    watch it to the end.........

    and for more MS
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