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    Re: Lloyd LaPlant

    In June of 2016 the price is $7000 for an F-model.
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    Re: LaPlant Mandolins

    Can anyone bring us up to date on what an F-5 might cost from Lloyd, Don, or Bill?
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    Re: In The Mandola Market Again!

    PB -- I have a Trinity College mandola, made in Korea, that is in great condition -- like new-- that I would be willing to sell. I bought it to try out a mandola but found out I like mandolins...
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    Re: How often do you change your strings?

    This may have already been mentioned (I haven't read all the posts) but in the Peter Ostrousko interview on this site he comments that he changes his strings about once every three years. If they...
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    Re: G string problem

    I tune my mandola C-G-D-A -- give that a try. If your tuner says it's a G, I would have to believe they are at G. Pull up on the strings a little to stretch them out a little. They should stay in...
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    Re: IV Kit arrived today Is this normal?

    No, not normal and not acceptable. Contact the company and send them the photos. Ask for another top. If they don't cooperate you can challenge the charge if you used a credit card to pay. Good luck.
  7. Re: What would you choose for a $5000 A-style?

    I haven't read all 6 pages of posts but I did see one where you mentioned Lloyd LaPlant. As you and he are both in Minnesota it would be easy for you to give him a call and drive up to Grand Rapids...
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    Re: The Lafferty Mandolin Giveaway

    I'm hoping that by entering this comment I will also be registered. If that's not the case, please inform me. Thanks.
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    Re: Doubling on Mandolin and Fiddle

    Both Matt Thompson & Lisa Fugle in the band Monroe Crossing double on fiddle & mandolin in their live performances.
  10. Re: Looking for an Early A4 pick guard 'attachment' piece

    Check eBay on a regular basis. If you look at the completed listings you'll see a clamp sold recently for $180.
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    Re: What to talk about between songs..

    I like to hear things like" Here's a song we learned..., Here's a song by...., This next song, xxxx, feartures YYYY on mandolin...

    Just going from one song to the next with no verbiage inbetween...
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    Re: More volume with a lighter touch

    An easy change to make is to change where you normally pick the strings. A little closer to the headstock. near the extension of the fretboard, will make a big difference in volume. Playing closer to...
  13. Re: headstock tuner ....leave on or take off during gig/jam

    To satisfy both sides to this argument I recommend that those that want to leave their tuners on the instrument clamp them on so the tuner body is on the underside of the headstock. You'll have to...
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    Re: Judging instrument quality on the web

    The video might be used to give the mandolin the initial test. If you don't like the sound you hear there, it probably won't be much better in person. If you like what you hear then you can take the...
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    Re: Who wants a free Mandolin Cafe ball cap?

    A Cafe moderator could have closed this thread back at #103 but it wasn't done. Why? Are there more caps to be given away? Make mine the same color as Scott's.
  16. Re: Gibson mandolin discussion with David Harvey - AND a 34 Fern

    Yes, why was the video removed?
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    Re: stupid question, I know, but...

    If it works for you, stay with what you've been doing. You have two extra strings to change now too. In an interview, Peter Ostroushko, one of the better U.S. mando players, said he changes his...
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    Re: Gibson A-4 Pick Guard

    What year is the A4?
  19. Meeting the Makers -- a video clip of Lloyd LaPlant

    John Fellman has a new book described here: The book describes Minnesota's best guitar builders. One of them happens to be Lloyd LaPlant of Grand...
  20. Re: Help Me Spend a $75 Dollar ITunes Gift Card from my Mother in

    Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza. A 2 CD set with all the best bluegrass mandolinists still alive. You can look it up!
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    Re: Bill Monroe's Lifestyle

    I heard a Monroe interview where he was asked how many fiddle players he had in the band over the years. His response was that "it was probably around 75 but during all that time I had only one...
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    Re: '02 LaPlant

    For your enjoyment, here's a look at Don LaPlant's #6 -- all red with a one piece back.
  23. Re: Next mandolin: Gibson F-9, Collings MF, Weber Yellowstone...?

    My advice is to think a little ahead to the next mandolin you might buy. You want to trade up with a mandolin that has held its value or one you can sell for a reasonable amount of money without...
  24. Re: Michael Feinstein's American Songbook

    Not bad for a kid that quit his piano lessons at age 5! Do a Google search on "Michael Feinstein bio."
  25. Re: Post your favorite clips from U-Tube, let's start a collectio

    "An error occured, please try again later." or "Embedding disabled by request, Watch on YouTube." are two messages I receive when attempting to view a number of these videos. Can anyone tell me...
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