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    Re: String confusion for L&H model A

    When Brian Dean set up my L&H A, and my 1883 Calace, he specified Lenzner Consort strings, and I haven’t looked back.
    I change them when the A gets unwound.
    He also mentioned that changing string...
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    Re: Speranze Perdute

    Mel Bay 2011- Northern Italian and Torino Region Folk Songs, performances by Carlo Alonzo and Clara Ponzoni...sheet music and cd. Speranza Perdute, p. 42, track 8.
    A great resource for this and...
  3. Re: Lyon & Healy Style A #1674 1925 - looking for info

    Hi TIm,
    I sent you a link. I haven’t done the complete tour through these kinds of strings, and each instrument responds uniquely anyway. I have played the Calace, the Lenzner, and the Thommastiks,...
  4. Re: Lyon & Healy Style A #1674 1925 - looking for info

    I have # 1227, which I bought at Satterlee and Chapin in the Tenderloin in SF in the 80’s. After not playing at all for thirty years I got back to it a few years ago, and now play for a few hours a...
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