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  1. Re: Sheets / scores arranged for three mandolins, for a wedding

    Hi Cosmin,

    The more folky of the tunes in Evelyn's books are intended to be repeated multiple times, and to be combined into sets with a suitable transition.

    For more classical material, have a...
  2. Re: Sheets / scores arranged for three mandolins, for a wedding

    Hi Cosmin,

    Welcome to the Cafe, and congratulations on getting married!

    Have a look at Evelyn Tiffany-Castiglioni's pieces arranged for three mandolins. She has made many of them available for...
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    Re: B M G Magazine

    Yes, I also followed up on that link -- lots of good stuff there, especially the sheet music! Thanks to Michael Reichenbach for posting that link here.

    Unfortunately (for mandolin players) it...
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    Re: Suffragette March

    Thanks a lot, Martin -- looks interesting!

    By complete coincidence, I found the same score (plus an additional banjo part) at the Library of Congress website today while I was looking for...
  5. Thread: Mezzacapo

    by Martin Jonas

    Re: Mezzacapo

    Hi Joe,

    I've come across the same mismatch of publication dates and biographical data when I was looking into the authorship of Eduardo Mezzacapo compositions, and came to the same conclusion as...
  6. Re: Liebe (Richard Strauss, Op. 42/1, 1899)

    Re-recorded and re-uploaded -- the previous version didn't sound very nice when I listened back. Apologies.


  7. Liebe (Richard Strauss, Op. 42/1, 1899)

    Richard Strauss: 2 Männerchöre, Op.42, TrV 194
    1. Liebe (Nichts bessers ist auf dieser Erd)

    This is a very obscure song by Richard Strauss, originally written for unaccompanied male chorus and...
  8. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    So long ago in fact that I forgot my instrumentation: that's tenor guitar, not mandocello on the accompaniment.

    1890s Umberto Ceccherini mandolin
    Vintage Viaten tenor guitar

  9. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    Many thanks for this transcription!

    I made a recording using your score a few weeks ago, which I forgot to post. So, here it is, played as a duet of mandolin and mandocello. I only realised...
  10. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    I prefer A, mainly because my brain is far too slow to deal with switching clefs or octaves in the middle of a phrase. Probably an indication that I need to polish up my sight-reading if I ever want...
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    Re: free trio and solo music from Evelyn

    Some wonderful new arrangements in this latest offering. Here are my recordings of four of them, starting with two Welsh ones:

    Ton Alarch
    Steamboat Waltz
    The Jocular Constable...
  12. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    Thanks, Bernie!

    No big secret about my recording technique: I use a cheap Zoom H2n digital recorder, connected as a USB microphone to a laptop running Audacity. With a bit of practice,...
  13. Re: Concert aria for baritone and plucked orchestra

    I asked Victor whether he minded if I tried this as an instrumental, giving the baritone part to solo mandocello. He kindly consented, although expressing some gentle doubt as to the viability of...
  14. Re: Violetta (G. Occhio, 1911), Italian waltz

    Thanks, Jim!

    I was playing straight from Michel's PDF score at the link above (direct link to PDF), which in turn is a direct transcript of the three original 1911 Tesio parts, minus dynamic...
  15. Violetta (G. Occhio, 1911), Italian waltz

    G. Occhio: Violetta - Valzer
    Arranged and published by P. Tesio, 1911

    This is an Italian waltz, published in New York in 1911 for the Italian-American community. As usual for these dances, the...
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    Re: free trio and solo music from Evelyn

    Thank you Evelyn for all the joy you have brought to so many people over the years, and all my best wishes are with you and your family.


    PS: I have tidied up the formatting of the three...
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    Strangers in the Night (with score)

    Bert Kaempfert (1966): "Strangers in the Night"

    This instrumental cover for three mandolins, octave mandolin, mandocello and tenor guitar is based on an arrangement for strings which I found on...
  18. Adam Krieger (1623-66): "Nun sich der Tag geendet hat"

    Adam Krieger (1634-1666): "Nun sich der Tag geendet hat" (or "Der Liebe Macht herrscht Tag und Nacht")
    From: "Arien" No. A8, published 1667/76

    Adam Krieger was a German Baroque musician, working...
  19. Re: Umberto's Mandolin (Ceccherini, double top, restored)

    I'm pretty sure this particular Ceccherini is now with our group -- four of our members now have Ceccherinis, two of them restored by John and two by me. All of them great tone.

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    Russian Lullaby (Irving Berlin)

    Irving Berlin (1927): "Russian Lullaby"

    This is one of the few tunes by Irving Berlin that references his ethnic roots in Eastern Europe. A huge success on its original publication, it has since...
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    Re: Ceccherini photos

    Thanks, John and Sherry! It's a bit off-topic in the classical forum, and in this thread, but I'm glad you've enjoyed the new recording.

    The photos are all from the small hamlet of Westphalia,...
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    Re: Ceccherini photos

    Hi Sherry,

    This is a thread from 2004, long before I started using Youtube. This was an MP3 recording hosted on a long-gone mandolin music sharing site ("") which Cafe...
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    The Great Pretender

    "The Great Pretender" was a big hit for The Platters in 1955, written by their manager, Buck Ram. Freddie Mercury also had a hit with it in the 1980s, but my favourite version is Richard Manual...
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    I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

    Thomas Westendorf (1875): I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen

    This popular song is now widely considered as an Irish ballad, but was written in 1875 by a German-American, Thomas Westendorf. It has...
  25. Re: Santa Lucia, mandolin quartet (with score)

    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for your comment here, and on Youtube. I use Audacity for the multi-tracking -- it's free and pretty easy to use once you got the hang of it. All audio programs have a certain...
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