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    Re: Famous Octave Mandolin players

    Somebody listed Danny Carnahan, but we forget Paul Kotapish, also of Wake the Dead!

    Also Mandolin Cafe's Allen Hopkins. Yes I still have and love my Thistledown cassette!
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    Re: Famous Octave Mandolin players

    Steve Goodman -
    plays Flatiron octave mandolin on his Affordable Art album he is holding it on album's cover photo and there is a picture of him playing it on the back.

    Steve Earle - there is...
  3. Re: Shawn Colvin w/Larry & Teresa 11/6/17 Wildflowers

    good news Larry slowly improving, even playing a little mandolin...
  4. Re: Shawn Colvin w/Larry & Teresa 11/6/17 Wildflowers

    refreshing this thread, saddened to hear Larry Campbell is in critical condition with Covid 19, sending up a prayer for him and strength for his wife and singing partner Teresa Williams, while...
  5. Larry Campbell and John Prine ill with Covid 19

    Sending my prayers tonight to Larry Campbell, wonderful player of many instruments including mandolin, very ill with Covid 19 and prayers for his wife and musical partner Teresa
  6. Re: Fletcher Tenor playing Old Time Tunes!

    Very nice! Thank you for posting these. Beautiful location to be playing. Excellent playing, the 3rd video seems to catch volume from the tenor the best.
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    Re: Liam O'Flynn (Planxty) RIP

    Very sad to hear this news. I got to hear him play some tunes solo on the pipes at a festival. I'm thinking I need to play bit of "Cunla" on my zook tonight.
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    Re: Need more dog songs...

    "The Hound Dog from Harlan" as done by Big Country Bluegrass is a favorite of mine.
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    octofone copy on ebay

    needs some work...
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    Re: Orrin Star Passes

    so sad to hear this of my favorite videos that I've saved from youtube and listen to frequently was Orrin playing "Stars and Stripes Forever" on the mandola.
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    Re: Star shaped (resonator?) mandolin


    I had these in my Windows photo Gallery saved some time ago, perhaps from Cafe or ebay? Of course the star is positioned differently in relation to the neck and no resonator or...
  12. Re: What album comes to mind when you read "Irish Bouzouki"?

    yes to all the great names mentioned! In the late 70's early 80's I discovered this music and was fortunate to see many of these musicians at the Towne Crier Cafe when it was in Beekman NY. JeffD, I...
  13. Re: What is the "Allure" of The Gibson Snakehead?

    I can attest that Randi has one of the really good sounding old Gibsons. It awakened my dormant MAS!
  14. Re: Who remembers this, from 10 years ago???

    I looked up a couple of the students names on the web just out of curiosity, the ones I looked up were all listed as working architects, on their own, or in other firms, but interestingly M J Kwan...
  15. the "other" Blue Comet "resonator" mandolin

    Usually you see these with the extra back chamber with the round holes with screens a la Blue Comet/Beltone/Medalist but I've seen a couple like this with the screened holes but no extra back, and an...
  16. Re: Niel Gows Lament for His Second Wife on Solo Mandola

    Your mandola rendition has inspired me to try and learn this. I lost my second wife, who passed 5 years ago after 26 years of happy marriage. We had a shared love of Irish and Scottish traditional...
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    Re: DGBE tuning

    I seem to remember reading some years back that Phil Cunningham used to play an Irish zouk sometimes when not playing accordion and that he employed DGBE tuning.
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    Re: Pono - KR Strings Octave

    Tonight on ebay some lucky individual snagged a lightly used short scale one for $750! If you are a Cafe member and see this, please let us know your opinions on it!
  19. upcoming instrument auction via ebay

    I noticed tonight on ebay that there are listings for instruments that will be auctioned on Feb 25th that include a number of mandolins and tenor guitars, among other fretted instruments, the 271...
  20. Re: Dont Know If Im Strong Enough To Talk About This Yet

    Being a genealogy buff, I've always been more interested in acquiring the Gibson A oval I've always wanted, from either my dad's birth year 1916, or my mom's, 1919. I don't think there was such a...
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    Re: Dave Swarbrick RIP

    I was very sad when I saw this news on the Cafe yesterday. I've been a fan of Swarb's since the sixties and have seen him play many times over the years with Fairport or with Martin Carthy. I'm a bit...
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    Re: R.I.P. Andy M. Stewart

    Very sad to see this news today. Just watched the Center Stage concert, brought back so many great memories of seeing them all live in various venues, and my late wife and I were fortunate to see...
  23. Re: SEARS selling mandolins at a 50% markup? For real?

    When I was a kid, about 55 years ago, (!) I used to wait for the Christmas Montgomery Wards and Sears catalogs to arrive so I could make my list for Santa and the parents. Along with the usual 8...
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    Re: New Girouard mandola arrives!

    lovely version! And great sounding dola...thanks for sharing!. I can't believe next April 30th will be the 50th anniversary of Richard's death. I was about 12 when I first started hearing their...
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    Re: John Renbourn (Pentangle) RIP

    sad big brother introduced me to the music of Pentangle back in my teens. In 1969 he took me to see them at Carnegie Hall. At age 62, Pentangle, Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span have...
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