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  1. Re: Dominick Leslie guest DJ on WTJU sept 4th

    Well, I had a really nice visit with Dominick Leslie this past friday on WTJU Charlottesville, when we not only played a bunch of favorite recordings, but also talked about recording projects he’s...
  2. Dominick Leslie guest DJ on WTJU sept 4th

    I had asked Hawktail mandolinist Dominick Leslie a few weeks ago if he was interested in being a guest DJ on my show on WTJU Charlottesville, and he said 'for sure' and we finally nailed down the...
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    Re: Hello! I'm new here and my name is...

    Whatever you do, don’t use regular wood glue, or worse, epoxy! Hide glue is the way to go. But with a vintage instrument like that obviously beautiful Lyon and Healy mandolin, I’d highly recommend...
  4. No Clifftop, play tunes anyway.... Grey Owl/Chinquapin Hunting

    I finally have both my daughters home, however briefly. We would have gone to Clifftop, but the pandemic nixed that plan. We played tunes anyway!

  5. Re: Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mand

    Well, Hank, we all learned it by ear, mainly going off a recorded version by Cleek Schrey and Stephanie Coleman which can be found on Spotify, if you go there.

    There’s a version that’s somewhat...
  6. Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mando

    My family is getting into distance playing. Here’s another split screen video, this time with both my daughters, and me providing...
  7. My first split screen video: Splendid Isolation.Process explained

    I did this video with my daughter, Leah. She recorded her part in Vermont, mine was recorded in Virginia. The tune is Splendid...
  8. Couple more tunes on my Northfield Octave Mando

    Hey y’all,
    I put a couple more tunes up on youtube is an original, Hiccup Truck, which has been in the Mando Mafia repertoire for many years, and the name of which is now my YouTube...
  9. A couple more videos with my Northfield Octave Mando

    I put a couple more videos up today, more tunes from my kitchen during the pandemic:

    An original- called ‘Pierrot‘

    And a medley of Andy Cutting...
  10. Facebook video of a Mando Mafia concert

    Mando Mafia reformed after the passing last year of our original bassist and good buddy Vaughan Mairs, originally to play for his memorial service and then for a benefit for his favorite charity, the...
  11. Original tune on my Northfield Octave Mandolin

    Posted from my kitchen during Coronavirus self-isolation. I wrote it when I turned 50, hence the title. Hope you all like it!
  12. Re: Old time fiddle tunes for Mando on Slippery Hill..Kelly Perdu

    You’re very welcome, Lappy, and thanks for the condolences. Kelly passed away in 2005, so the pain has subsided somewhat, but we still miss him a lot. His elder son, Ben, now plays his old F5, and...
  13. Old time fiddle tunes for Mando on Slippery Hill..Kelly Perdue

    There’s a new page on the Slippery Hill website with over 60 old time fiddle tunes recorded on mandolin at slower speed for instructional use, by my good buddy and band mate Kelly Perdue before he...
  14. Re: Article: Northfield Introduces Three New Michigan-Made Instru

    *Loved* those videos with Mike/Darol & Vasen, who are just about my favorite band! We hosted Vasen a year ago at the Prism Coffeehouse in Charlottesville VA & made the evening extra special by having...
  15. Thread: Rockbridge

    by Mando Mafia

    Re: Rockbridge

    Hey Charley, I think you’ll like my new’s modeled after a 1940s Martin arch top tenor guitar. Look forward to seeing you there!
    - Pete
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