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    Re: Orville Gibson in sartorial splendor

    That's a great picture. I knew I'd seen it before. It's on Roger Siminoff's Orville Gibson page.
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    Re: What is MAS?

    But of course.
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    Re: What is MAS?

    It is apparently a disease with no known cure. It can be treated.
  4. Re: Old F4 Mandolin Neck- Bonus Cheap Body

    Reserve not met at $199.00 plus $49.00 shipping. They'd have to want it really bad.
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    Re: Is this really worth $70k?

    I keep asking myself what this beat up old mandolin is worth. It's hard to picture this as the most valuable Gibson mandolin ever built.
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    Re: Epiphone MM20, convert to lefty

    That question comes up from time to time and as a guitar player for over forty years before I took up the mandolin I can tell you that it's actually easier to deal with the mandolin fretboard.
  7. Re: From "an antique store", Kay? Sears? Silvertone? Thanks

    The tuners pretty rule it out as being made in the USA. Ive seen that weird combination of fret marker dots before but I can't remember where.
  8. Re: From "an antique store", Kay? Sears? Silvertone? Thanks

    Any chance you could post a picture of the tuners on the back of the headstock?
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    Re: A Successful Failure

    Apparently it never occurred to me that I could just give up on projects like this. I seem to just stack them in the corner of my shop and try not to think about them. Thanks for the insight.
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    Re: 1924 Gibson A-jr

    Someone may have gone to the trouble of removing the finish that was stuck to the bottom of the bridge at some point in the ensuing years. I think John has it right. You could assume it was strung up...
  11. Re: Tuners for Collings MT Mandolin (A Style)

    If the buttons on yours are removable Id love to see the difference in the length of the stems themselves without the buttons on. Most tuners sold have the specifications somewhere that show you the...
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    Re: Red Henry Maple Bridge

    Here's every thread with Red Henry in it. His bridges were discussed quite often years back, not much these days.
  13. Re: Tuners for Collings MT Mandolin (A Style)

    I think it's a normal set that they just shorten the inner two button posts. There's a few threads here someplace about this. You're dealing with an esthetic not a requirement. The top and bottom...
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    Re: F5 with an OVAL hole?

    Mark Bluett of Bluett Bros in Pennsylvania makes that mandolin.
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    Re: A real Gibson A two point?

    There are some real issues there one being the model number along with the rest that's wrong. That model would not have been designated as an F style as the body isn't an F style.
  16. Re: how much should I offer for this mandolin

    Asking prices have little to do with what things actually sell for. Here is every Washburn mandolin that has sold on eBay recently. Look for the green numbers. If it was me I'd offer much less but...
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    Re: Wurlitzer mandolin

    Not a secret and very well documented. Wurlitzer was a distributor, they had many different people making instruments. The Martin's are unique in that they have the Wurlitzer label and the Martin...
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    Re: Epiphone MM20, convert to lefty

    The saddle can be wood the nut can be bone. The thumb screws aren't glued it. That bridge comes apart. The bridge base has to stay fitted (not glued) to the top. Left handed bridges are available at...
  19. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Although you are correct about the gender mismatch numbers I will tell you this. There are more women on the cafe than you might realize. Many pick non gender defining names and don't bother to make...
  20. Re: 1923 A2- To Drill Or Not to Drill? That is the question...

    Violin size won't work, you need the viola size if they make it.
  21. Re: 1923 A2- To Drill Or Not to Drill? That is the question...

    I would think you might be able to modify a side of a viola chin rest to use as a clamp, other than that I'd look for a clamp. The problem with finding the clamps is that those of us that have them...
  22. Re: Help me identify this bowlback please!

    There it is! My name in lights!
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    Re: 50's Kay Jumbo Restoration

    I paid more for a single volume knob for a late 60's Japanese archtop guitar. When it's the only game in town you step up :cool:
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    Re: Ordering strings--any luck recently?

    I think the comments have probably gone beyond the posting guidelines. Let's put this one to bed.
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    Re: floor racks

    My wife's company was getting rid of a dozen or so racks. I gave a few to friends and just saved the rest. I had to buy pieces like this, two for each rack, one in the back for the top of the case to...
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