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    Re: E strings breaking?

    I have had this happen to me before. One possibility is the potential of a burr in the hole of the tuning post, which may be almost undetectable to our eyes. I took an old D string and with light...
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    Re: Beginner getting into Bluegrass

    Everyone has mentioned some great stuff so far. I will do what someone was eventually bound to do perhaps, and mention Chris Thile. The current host of Live from Here (formerly Prairie Home...
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    Re: Eastman mandolins

    This has been mentioned in other threads regarding different topics, but with Eastman's especially you have to go try them out. If you buy sight unseen/heard, you're bound for a decent instrument...
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    Re: Wireless in-ear monitors

    My band tried these, I should mention we all run the Line 6 G10 Relay for wireless instruments. Now we are trying to sell the Galaxy system. Here's why:

    You get to the bar/venue, you're running...
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    Re: Love the One You’re With

    Ironic, this thread! I was in Nashville yesterday as my band was playing a show. We stopped at Carter's and I wanted to play the Ruhland F5 I had heard was there (I was going to post this in the "in...
  6. Re: ChicagoLand Mandolin / Folk Music stores

    The place to go is Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL. Home of the Frankfort Bluegrass Festival and the owner of the shop (Steve) is the one who puts it on. They have your Collings and Webers mostly,...
  7. Re: Good low cost stage monitors - Alto TX-8

    I just want to say something, I stumbled across these speakers myself a few weeks back and was highly intrigued, they've been on my mind! I came across this thread today and am very glad I did!...
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