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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    I’m canceling my Artistworks subscription. This is the only thing I need to learn.
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    What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    Let’s say you’re sitting around a fire with some friends or family and you decide to enhance the mood with your impressive mandolin skills. After taking a minute to explain that this instrument is...
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    Pono M-20 Octave

    Does anyone know if they’re still making these? I’ve decided I need an OM and they seem to be sold out everywhere.
  4. Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    Another shout out to Rob for the book. Emailed him at 10:30 and it was in my inbox 3 hours later. Looking forward to reading it!
  5. Re: What’s going on with this bridge?

    Thanks all. The saddle is indeed sagging. The fretboard is bowed as well. I tried to lower the saddle and was excited to have a lower action but now it’s next to unplayable. The A string from frets...
  6. What’s going on with this bridge?

    Mandolin is a Fender FM-53s that I bought at guitar center about 14 years ago on a whim and never learned to play. I recently busted it out of the closet, dusted it off and changed the strings....
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