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    Re: Northfield Mandolins

    This is a great thread! I'll chime in as another NF-5S owner. Ever since I first heard about Northfield, the finish on all their instruments immediately drew me in. The first ding bothered me but...
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    Re: E strings breaking?

    I have had this happen to me before. One possibility is the potential of a burr in the hole of the tuning post, which may be almost undetectable to our eyes. I took an old D string and with light...
  3. Re: Help finding Mando Store in Midwest with selection

    If the map in my head is correct, you guys might also be within a 4ish hour drive of Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL. They would absolutely have the type of A-style mandolins you're looking for....
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    Re: Eastman Setup and Other work.

    Hey there Mandorider-

    I'm in the SW Chicago burbs. I would call Dr. Woods Guitar Emporium in the Northern burbs, or Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL, a couple hours South of Chicago proper. I...
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    Re: Beginner getting into Bluegrass

    Everyone has mentioned some great stuff so far. I will do what someone was eventually bound to do perhaps, and mention Chris Thile. The current host of Live from Here (formerly Prairie Home...
  6. Re: String recommendation for Northfield NF-F5S ?

    I also have an NF-5S and have been playing with many different strings for a couple of years. I've just put on my 2nd set of D'Addario XTs, the custom Medium with the slightly larger E and A courses...
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    Re: Eastman mandolins

    This has been mentioned in other threads regarding different topics, but with Eastman's especially you have to go try them out. If you buy sight unseen/heard, you're bound for a decent instrument...
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    Re: Wireless in-ear monitors

    You are right David, it is an LCD screen, and right on all other counts. I double checked, and it turns out the unit we have is the AS-1100 unit, so definitely not as nice as the 1400. My mistake and...
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    Re: Wireless in-ear monitors

    I should clarify, I just wouldn't want to see someone else incur the difficulties that we encountered with this system. It's just, the last thing you wanna do after setting up your whole rig is...
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    Re: Wireless in-ear monitors

    My band tried these, I should mention we all run the Line 6 G10 Relay for wireless instruments. Now we are trying to sell the Galaxy system. Here's why:

    You get to the bar/venue, you're running...
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    Re: Best place in Chicago for repairs

    Late to see this thread but Andy Miller is definitely the guy you want to see. Located in/near Chicago, I know he does some work out of his home. Knowledgeable and friendly, he's on the forums here...
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    Re: Trying to contact Martin Brunkalla

    Funny thing! Just the other day a fellow picker friend mentioned that he had/is getting some work done on his guitar by Martin Brunkella. He said the location was Woodstock, IL. I can try to get some...
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    Re: Love the One You’re With

    Ironic, this thread! I was in Nashville yesterday as my band was playing a show. We stopped at Carter's and I wanted to play the Ruhland F5 I had heard was there (I was going to post this in the "in...
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    Help! Tuning peg issue

    My band leaves to go on tour on Tuesday. I was changing my strings and noticed that the A string tuning pegs (more so the bass side A) are both leaning forward towards the bridge, as well as slightly...
  15. Re: Thinking about a custom built Hinde mandolin...

    I got to hang with Nick and Rick of Special C a bit at Frankfort Bluegrass Festival last year, and got to hear Nick's Hinde in person (Rick, who now plays guitar in the band, has a black top Hinde F...
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    Re: Northfield Airloom Recurve review

    Thanks for this review! I've been eyeing these since they came out, and have been wanting to pull the trigger on one. My main concerns are durability with travel/touring. My TKL does okay, and I take...
  17. Re: ChicagoLand Mandolin / Folk Music stores

    The place to go is Down Home Guitars in Frankfort, IL. Home of the Frankfort Bluegrass Festival and the owner of the shop (Steve) is the one who puts it on. They have your Collings and Webers mostly,...
  18. Re: Good low cost stage monitors - Alto TX-8

    I just want to say something, I stumbled across these speakers myself a few weeks back and was highly intrigued, they've been on my mind! I came across this thread today and am very glad I did!...
  19. Re: Which Red Eye Preamp do I want for a K&K Twin p/u?

    Great thread, which happens to piggyback on a few other fairly recent ones I have been stalking. I'm really looking into the Red Eye as well. I run a K&K Twin in my Northfield. First had the Baggs,...
  20. Re: Acid sweat...What strings should I try for my Northfield NF-F

    Awesome info and leads here, thank you guys! I will definitely be giving these different strings a shot. Mandolin cafe, thank you!
  21. Re: Acid sweat...What strings should I try for my Northfield NF-F

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I used the term "acid sweat" in jest, tired of my fresh strings being nasty after 1 gig! I do the hand washing/string cleaning and that seems to do little to help....
  22. Acid sweat...What strings should I try for my Northfield NF-FS?

    Hey all, I've used mostly D'addario strings. Phosphour Bronze EXP74s uncoated but 99% of the time coated. Generally love the feel and sound, but after 1 gig with 2-day old strings I can already feel...
  23. Re: Finally, A Workable Mando Mount for a Pro 35 Mic

    The link to the picture/s on the OP isn't working for me...
  24. Looking for Upright Bass Player Northern IL

    Hey gang! Lurker/mando player coming up on 5 years, finally registered on the cafe, glad to be here! My bluegrass/newgrass band is in need of an upright bass player. Based in the Chicago area, we are...
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