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  1. Re: Advice on valuing my fathers Stefan Sobell mandolin

    Ditto - agreed again! Selling into the US has indeed become a nightmare (recent experience talking). I'm also planning to sell my Sobell mandolin and appreciate the above advice as well!
  2. Re: Comments on the Value of Gibson A4 Mandolin with hard case

    1918 was a "mixed bag" for the Handel tuners. My 1918 H-2 mandola (#47496) has original Handel tuners, but I've seen many of that year both with and without them, more the latter. I suspect Gibson...
  3. CD ordered!

    CD ordered!
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    Re: Koady Chaisson, RIP

    Nope, never went to the Vanier stomp! I used to go the the monthly Swan on the Rideau sessions religiously for several years until covid messed up everything! Occasionally went to O'Connell's, but...
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    Re: Koady Chaisson, RIP

    The Island is indeed a small world. and the music community here was stunned by the news. We've only lived here a few months, having come from the Perth, ON, area, so our paths may have crossed at...
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    Re: Koady Chaisson, RIP

    Thanks for posting, Bill. Not only was Koady Chaisson a monster tenor banjo player -- one of the best -- but also brilliant on mandolin, guitar, fiddle and piano, and a great composer. Tenor banjo...
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    Re: Mandolin Museum

    The National Music Museum on the USD campus in Vermillion, SD, has a family of nice 'teens-vintage Gibsons in their collection; not a big collection but there's a wonderful guitar gallery there. All...
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    Re: Contemporary Pumpkin Tops?

    I'm not sure whether Peter Sawchyn is building these models currently, but I had an F-4 style he custom-built with what he called a french violin finish.196394
  9. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    If in Canada, Bill Rickard would be a good choice. He also uses his own brand of 10:1 tuners, which I had installed on my JP tenor banjo. They work great! Another good open-back banjo builder to...
  10. Re: Interested in picking up mandolin, advice on buying first.

    This is too late, but Peter Sawchyn in Regina, SK, has a used Beavertail F/S at his store: Sawchyn Guitars, Regina, SK, Canada. (NFI) Patterned after the old Flatiron flattops (and similar to what...
  11. Re: Cleaning gunk off a nitrocellulose lacquer finish

    This thread is all about nitrocellulose finishes, but will naptha clean dried "gunk" from a satin finish? If not, other suggestions?
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    Re: A Style in case for F style

    I had a Calton F case that I used for both a modern A style and a 2-point -- both fit perfectly, BUT as Ray(T) mentioned, my old Gib A4 did not fit.
  13. Poll: Re: Vintage Flatiron Performer A (1993, Bozeman) vs Eastman MD305

    If it is in excellent condition as indicated, it's probably worth snagging at that price! You're not likely to lose on the investment down the road. I had an '88 Artist A5, and should never have let...
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    Re: Peter Ostroushko Passes

    A huge loss to the mandolin community, and one of my biggest influences. I still have my autographed vinyl copy of Sluz Duz -- great stuff! I think I'll put on Blue Mesa today.
  15. Re: F model oval holes: Northfieod F2S, Collings MFO, Gibson F2 a

    I had a Sawchyn F-4 like the one indicated by Charles E. above but with honey blonde finish-- sold it to a close friend :(. Beautifully made instrument, but not sure of the bracing. I also have a...
  16. Re: Low-cost cases/gigbags that FIT WELL for an Eastman 315

    Low cost is a pretty subjective term -- I've had different ones and found that some are OK and others suck (IMO); i.e., you get what you pay for!
    Protection plus lightweight = Travelite.
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    Re: Your first great mandolin

    First good one was a teens Gibson F-2, followed shortly thereafter with a '81 Givens A -- both loooong gone now :(
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    Re: Need assistance with a Sigma mandolin PART 1

    Folkway Music relocated to Waterloo a few years ago -- they used to be in Guelph. Both Twelfth Fret and Folkway Music have websites you can browse inventory on, but like most acoustic instrument...
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    Re: Need assistance with a Sigma mandolin PART 1

    Where are you in Ontario? If in GTA or that region, check out Twelfth Fret (on Danforth) in Toronto, or Folkway Music in Waterloo. Both are reputable and knowledgeable dealers in both new and used...
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    Re: Transcribe or Amazing Slowdowner?

    Big Slowdowner fan here, for many years!
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    Re: Oval Hole Heaven at Greg Boyd’s

    I had a Sawchyn O2-C exactly like the one at Greg's, except blonde instead of sunburst -- Peter custom made it for me, but I sold it recently to a close friend locally. Beautiful instrument --...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin (GDAE) vs Mandola (CGDA)

    Peter Sawchyn in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, makes a BeaverTail-style OM and/or zouk (and mandolin and 'dola as well), which is very similar in design to the old Flatirons. I had one with an OM...
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    Re: Stuck in customs

    I suspect there is a never-ending littany of problems folks have had with instruments and customs of various countries. I shipped a mandolin (US made) from Canada to USA via UPS, and it was held up...
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    Re: A Pearl of Great Price A-4

    Good catch, George! I also have a '20 Gib A-4 (sunburst), all original with all its parts and case. I've had it for about 25 years now -- don't play it much anymore, as I have some other players --...
  25. Re: Wegen (bluegrass) picks without grip holes available?

    I have a set of three white Wegen M150 1.5-mm picks that I bought years ago and essentially never used -- Too thick for me for Irish trad style I play. If interested in them, send me a private...
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