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    Re: New mandolin for an old man

    I've been all over string tension, sustain, ease of play, and have gone farther than most down that road, meaning explored to unreasonable (to some) levels of excess. Taller fets, veery very light...
  2. Re: Small speakers revisited, and we have a new winner: Sony XB-2

    FYI, Vacay was a success. I ended up using a zoom pedal directly connected to the speaker (1/4 mono to 1/8 stereo cable). Even with the impedance mismatch it sounded great.

    I took the emandola...
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    Re: Who doesn't memorize tunes/songs?

    My first teacher made me memorize BG tunes. When done deliberately it takes me a week or so to memorize a tune so it sticks.
  4. Thread: the saddle

    by kurth83

    Re: the saddle

    Hah, always thought they were the same, I may have to check a few bridges now, doh.
  5. Re: Do you ever sing the notes of a tune while you play it?

    Many years of playing and singing here. I always have to play simpler figures while singing, the better stuff comes in the spaces between phrases.

    As a result I prefer to not sing and play in a...
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    Re: Who doesn't memorize tunes/songs?

    I can sight read, but will memorize BG tunes, oddly I don't bother to memorize classical stuff.

    When learning a BG tune, either from ear or tab, I generally transcribe it to sheet music, and read...
  7. Re: NMD Airline Mandola restrung as a 4-string OM.

    Here's the pic, after the restring:

  8. Thread: the saddle

    by kurth83

    Re: the saddle

    Pic? Question is unclear.

    Sounds like you are asking which way a compensated saddle goes on. On mass produced ones they are symmetrical so you can't get it wrong.
  9. NMD Airline Mandola restrung as a 4-string OM.

    My 4-string collection is complete, have 4-string mando, mandola, and OM, all Eastwoods.

    For strings I used electric guitar (nickel wound) strings from D'Addario:

    13 - plain steel
    22 - nickel...
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    While I have a lot of mandolins, I kinda agree with your teacher. I will favor one instrument at a time, and like to fully lock into it for the reasons she gave. I find that if they have similar...
  11. Thread: Signal Channel

    by kurth83

    Re: Signal Channel

    Mando WI pickup -> helix -> mixing board.

    Inside the helix it's:
    Eq (hi pass) -> compressor -> tremolo -> reverb -> noise gate.

    The last three are only when using a solid body electric. And...
  12. Re: If your spouse just green-lighted an electric mando ...

    That's what I did too, it sits nicely between a guitar and a mandolin and I love the 18" scale. I restrung one as an OM too but haven't had much time to play with it yet.
  13. Re: If your spouse just green-lighted an electric mando ...

    How about a pair of Eastwoods. Mando + tenor for example. Their airline mandola is fantastic too. If you want a mandolin sound get 8 strings, if you want more of a guitar sound, get 4.
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    Re: New Fender 1.5mm pick

    Lookijg closely I can see the white edge sticking out. Cool looking pick.
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    Re: Bought & I Donít Even Play

    Congrats and welcome!

    My take is that everything is easier on mandolin than guitar (except chop chords maybe), so it's a fun little instrument to learn.

    The number of 4-string instruments tuned...
  16. Re: Got lucky, rolled ebay dice 3x and got my ideal mandolin

    Congrats, getting that perfect feel is fantastic. :-)
  17. Thread: the Dillion

    by kurth83

    Re: the Dillion

    Congrats, like the jumbo frets.
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    Re: Eastman Mandola MDA315

    No experience with their mandolas, but their mandolins aren't known for quality problems like highly varying neck angles. Maybe find another one to compare, if you bought from TMS they could...
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    Re: About done upgrading my MD315

    I'm gonna go with bone nut for improved string spacing, CA bridge for improved sound, and taller frets for improved playability.

    Mandovoodoo could be worth considering too for more sound...
  20. Re: Vorson Electric Ukulele conversion question

    And some pickups have individually adjustable pole heights, allowing even more fine-tuning of string balance. :-)
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    Re: Mando Acquisition Syndrome and the Mandocello

    This website spreads MAS, so if you have any doubts whether you will get it, keep coming back. :-)

    I for one just went through a bought of electric MAS, I now own an e-mando, e-mandola, and e-OM...
  22. Re: Difference between a tenor guitar and a plectrum guitar

    Any chance of a really short scale one say 18 inches, could be strung and tuned as either a mandola or an OM. I find that melodic playing on anything longer than 18" I am starting to stretch...
  23. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    Yes, the plan is to have cumberland make one with the compensation obtained from the tuneomatic bridge.

    WRT scooped bridges, the recent reposted news article on string gauges goes into detail why...
  24. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    Sweet, here is my version, I didn't get the string spacing quite right, but that's less important than the compensation.


    The TC OM has only about 1/2" of height, so that's the raw bridge...
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    Re: Substitutes for ebony?

    Interesting article. I wonder if we have any manufacturers using densified wood? This is the first I've heard that term. At least I'll know what it is when somebody starts using it, sounds like it...
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