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  1. Anyone have contact info for Ward Elliott?

    As the title said I'm looking for contact info for luthier Ward Elliott in Riner Virginia. I had his number but it seems to have been changed or disconnected.

    Is he still in business or around!...
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    Ward Elliott in Diner VA.

    Does anyone have Ward's contact info? Phone or email? I haven't been in touch with him in a few years and the number I have for him is disconnected. I googled and the number listed is the one that is...
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    14 years today!

    Just noticed I joined the Cafe 14 years ago today! 9/11
    My how time flies. Been through 5 mandolins since then. A Mid Mo, 2 Flatirons and 2 Gibson Ferns.

    Used to post all the time but now...
  4. Re: Name the top three things that have made you a better Mandoli

    1. Listen to the old masters
    2. Learning and understanding that to pull tone out of an instrument is not playing louder.
    3. Your right hand technique if just as important as your left hand...
  5. Re: Songs of any style that all mandolon players should know

    You ain't a mandolin player until you can play Rawhide!! And make it your own don't copy Monroe!! LOL!
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    Re: Marshall AS50D Acoustic Amp

    I like it so much I have two of them. I use them with slant back racks and mostly use it for coffee house type gigs.
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    Re: Mandolin strings

    Try DiAddario J-75's They are a bit heavier gauge and have that chunky sound you are looking for.
  8. Re: Not quite satisfied with my Washburn M-3SW/TS

    Get a professional setup and buy a Toneguard. Start saving for a Flatiron.
  9. Re: looking for open sessions or jams in Dublin, Ireland

    Deadonkey man wish I could go but i will only be in Dublin Wed 24th and Thursday 25th and moving on to Shannon, Bunratty and Killarney after that! Are there any on those nights?
  10. Re: looking for open sessions or jams in Dublin, Ireland

    Thanks all I will most def be checking out all these places. I had heard from some friends who have gone before me me (different towns) that they liked Bluegrass and Old time over there as well as...
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    Re: Mandolin as an Investment !

    Ahh life is short ... buy the mandolin. you could be hit by a bus tomorrow! LOL! And you are right if you are shrewd and get a good quality used mandolin at a good price you will sell it and make...
  12. looking for open sessions or jams in Dublin, Ireland

    Hey I will be visiting Dublin, Shannon, Bunratty and Killarney Ireland in September of 2014. If anyone knows of any good sessions or jams in any of these cities I would love to go. If anyone lives...
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    Re: Stuck in D and G...

    For fun I like to play fiddle tunes in every key. I might have to search some but usually i can get it. it's good practice and it anoys the heck out of my buddies when i play Angeline the Baker in C!...
  14. Re: Why did bluegrass come to dominate American string band music

    Thats easy ... because it's the music of the working man ... the heart of America ... easy to play for the most part and easy to dance to. The difference between a BG festival and rock concert is...
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    Re: Rest in peace, John McGann

    Wow I just read this ... very sad to hear this. John was a very nice person and very quick to offer any help. I only knew him from off of here but I feel like I lost a friend.

    RIP John McGann
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    Re: A1 won't stay in tune

    A lotta times my mandolin won't stay in tune when I need to change them are they new or old strings?

    Also learn to lock your strings in at the tuners when you change them that helped me a lot with...
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    Re: installing internal pickup

    Thanks all gonna try it tomorrow evening! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: What is Bill saying?

    Thanks now I hear it. There are so many different lyrics to this tune. Have you heard the Fendermen's version yet! LOL!

    I listened to this 20 times and I still couldn't make out what he was...
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    installing internal pickup

    What's the easiest way to install a K&K Twin Spot. Been backing up a jazz singer lately and I need to install a pickup. I have a twin Spot thats been in a desk for a long time so it's the one I...
  20. Re: How many here are regular gigging players ? Who are we ?

    Gig with a full BG band and also with a trio on the side and play regularly backing up a solo singer/songwriter. Freelance out fairly much and have done some studio work would like to do more.
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    What is Bill saying?

    Working on Muleskinner Blues...

    Anyone understand what Bill is saying after the line "Workin on the railroad..."

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    Re: Are capos cheating

    I keep a capo in my case just for folkie singers! :mandosmiley:
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    Re: The down Lo on the mando

    If you read notation get the Fiddler's Fakebook and if you can't but can read tab get the Madolin Player's Fakebook then start looking up tunes on YouTube. That should keep you busy for a while! LOL!...
  24. Re: Software that changes pitch/key without changing speed for Ma

    I use Best Practice too but there is a lot of distortion when you slow it way down best program I have ever used was SlowBlast I bought at Guitar Center cheap and it was well worth it no distortion...
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    E string twang

    My mandolin has always kinda did it it was not very noticable now it is getting very noticable.

    When you pluck the inner E string (the one closest to the G strings) it twangs like it is hitting...
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