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    Re: mass produced instruments & size variations

    I'm so happy I could cry.
    What I thought was a scratch in the picture might have just been a finger print or something - it's perfect - I am a cynic so when I saw the one I wanted for a price I...
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    Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    I used to think banjo jokes were the viola jokes of the folk/bluegrass (or otherwise non-classical) world. i.e. exaggerated concepts as a lever for humor. Then I discovered Rhiannon Giddens and now...
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    Re: “Banjo killer”? Wishful thinking?

    I don't know anywhere as much about instruments as 99% of MC-forumites, but I have a flute and a viola and if I ever really feel like playing a lot in the evening, I start with the flute, move to the...
  4. Re: Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    I've told this story a million times in a million corners of the Internet, so I apologize if I repeat myself.
    I played the viola for 30 years and then had a terrible car accident and hurt my bow...
  5. While nonmusicians post "You're not hungry, you're bored"...

    How many of us need someone to make an instrument equivalent meme?

    I have not purchased a single instrument since this started - but man is it getting hard.

    I'm not even that good - I'm on...
  6. Re: I registered for a group class and am getting nervous

    It was fun! And I was middle of the pack so it was fine.
    At one point he let us decide for ourselves if we'd play melody (which I can do because of classical training in my first life) or strum...
  7. Re: What's the weirdest MUSICAL thing you've ever done?

    idk if this is weird, but 30 years ago at orchestra camp my quartet coach gave us Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - we were insulted. She said if we proved it was beneath us she'd give us something better. ...
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    Re: Very high notes on a budget instrument

    Jeff D - I think it's set up right - my teacher is the tech at the shop so he's tweaked the bridge before when I was having trouble tuning. Whether it required something minor that he could do in...
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    Re: f-hole/oval/hybrid question

    I understood a little of this and then googled a bunch of terms from it - so thanks - I learned something :) (still don't understand it all but understand a good deal and learned something - it's...
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    Re: Etude book or something like that


    Thanks all!

    The "look inside" glimpses on Amazon got me interested in the Cassia Harvey and Marilyn Mair suggestions.

    I had been away from music for about 10 years. I used to play...
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    Re: Chords Guitar to Mandolin

    When you make it look like vector multiplication, it gets my hopes up - maybe I can figure this out....
  12. For the timid: simulated jam to wet your feet

    I'm not very active here, very streaky. But I appreciate the "just jump in" encouragement the stalwarts share with us beginners.

    If, like me, you are also a cartoon of an uptight music nerd who...
  13. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    Thanks for letting me know! :)
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    Re: Your First Upgrade

    Because I have 4 kids (only 1 halfway through college, 3 to go), 3 of them play hockey, 1 plays the cello, I have a mortgage, I'm in a PhD program (not music) and already have a 3 hr/day commute for...
  15. Re: Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin d

    Thank you - unfortunately, I don't know how to transform it to abc format with the free software.
  16. Erster Verlust (First Loss), Schumann adapted as a Mandolin duet

    I was a viola player in a previous life, and just picked up the mandolin in the past year. As a kid, I took enough piano to keep up with the band-geeks in theory class. This was my favorite piano...
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