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  1. Re: The merciless camera (recording ourselves as a reality check)

    I could say a lot about the benefits in getting used to playing for your worst critic, i.e yourself, but I found a Tee shirt that says it all.
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    Re: It's an F, it's not an F

    Yes, it's neither F nor banjo, it's a log cabin.

    And the zero-pressure construction of the bridge indeed seems to indicate that the top plate might be thin and without bracing - OK, it's a log...
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    Re: Learn to shred on this, or sell it?

    the armrest is a true gem.
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    Re: Leaving Stoer by Ivan Drever

    Indeed, the venue does nothing to diminish the musical effect. This is truly indestructible.
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    Re: Mandolins "Opening Up"

    That's what popcorn was made for ;)
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    Re: Mandolins "Opening Up"

    The first load of popcorn I'm having in years :popcorn:
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    Re: The Banshee on Octave Mandolin

    Very ambitious, with all those triplets. Sounding good - solo.
    Session playing has brought me to give up on triplets in favor of doublestops because triplets tended to slow me down when everybody...
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    Re: Scale length for Octave Mandolin

    First you determine the scale, depending on what style you want to play and how you want to deal with stretches. These issues are often overrated and can mostly be overcome by workarounds if...
  9. Re: Meet new duo The Foreign Landers - David and Tabitha Benedict

    The need a faster camera. One of those they use for firearms tests.
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    Re: String change frequency

    Depends - on my OM, which gets played every day, I clean them after playing and change them every 2 months (they could do 3, sound-wise, but the risk of breaking in mid-play becomes too high). On my...
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    Re: Verisimilitude

    Thanks for making me learn a word I didn't know before.
  12. Re: When did you realize mandolin was your primary instrument?

    I've often told this story, but here goes. After a youth darkened by unvoluntary violin lessons, I had stopped playing music altogether. After graduation and after having moved for my first job, on...
  13. The shop looks like once you entered it, it would...

    The shop looks like once you entered it, it would be hard to leave without an instrument. I hope more people feel that way!
  14. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    On the plus side, with that break angle it's probably inaudible.
  15. Re: No Clifftop, play tunes anyway.... Grey Owl/Chinquapin Huntin

    This situation brings many of us back to the roots of folk music, I guess, and much of that seems to gravitate towards a kitchen. This is the future.
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    Reminds me of Tom Callister & friends...
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    Re: A chord without muting A string

    You need a mandolin with a wider nut. Or, if that is not an option, fret the E course with the index and the G course with the thumb, that gives your hand the right shape to avoid reaching over the...
  19. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    I did something like that with a two-point a couple of times: looked to the right, pressed the back of the mandolin against my right ear and moved the tuners behind my left shoulder.
  20. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Plateaus are neccessary phases of procedural memory reorganization. Once that is done, a sudden leap in ability is sure to come, if you just don't give up.
    It's much like that "weeds" scene from...
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    Re: Banish Misfortune

    I am with foldedpath here, Paul. Not too fast, but just like any other jig (at approx 120 bpm), that's what I do. The slow versions tend to sound like painful dirges, and that just does not go with...
  22. Re: How did the "curl" on the mandolin body evolve?

    We are all divided on this.
    Personally, I like the scroll because it uses misplaced stylistic elements to mock the violin, which I was forced to learn to play in my youth and have hated ever since....
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    That seems to be the central question, the fog we are all groping about in. Once we agree on a test of musicality, we can start opining wether passing that test can be learned.

    But I wouldn't be...
  24. Re: Rot smell on strings how to get rid of it?

    I have tried this once and decided to make it a one-of-a-kind experience.
    I clean strings to minimize the hassle of putting them off and on, which is OK for putting on new ones, but not for putting...
  25. Re: Rot smell on strings how to get rid of it?

    first of all: whatever cleaning agent you put on, must not stay there. I must be wiped off thoroughly after letting it work for, say, a minute. And not just on the upside of the strings, but all...
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