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  1. Re: Stan Jay, Pioneer of Vintage Instrument Fame Fighting For His

    Played a meh Loar there...and a Monteleone that made me weep it was so good. Still have the t-shirt....
  2. Re: Carbon Fiber Builder wants our input on a Carbon Fiber Mandol

    Add in a basic preamp and eq for a small uptick to the target range and I'd definitely be interested.
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    Re: What’s after a Kentucky KM-1050?

    Also consider Stiver and Rattlesnake, and Bluett Brothers for small shop US builders. Fwiw, no new Rattlesnakes are in production.
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    Re: My grandfather's mandolins

    Lovely instruments, and what an inheritance to have. Please grab a shot of the rest of that label in the A.
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    Re: String winder

    I picked up a mandolin string winder a number of years ago from The Mandolin Store during their Black Friday sale. Their website currently shows one on sale for about $20. I love mine, fits all the...
  6. Re: Michael P Smith, songwriter of "This Old Mandolin", has passe

    Sad to hear this. The Dutchman is a favorite song.
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    Re: F style strap recommendation...

    +1 for the Longhollow Softy.
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    Re: If you are a fan of block inlays.....

    I used to not be a fan but have changed my mind. Done well, they can be an elegant element. Clearly here is a prime example. I've seen some of the Eastman 614's also have a nice block inlay.
  9. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    Dan, I call this Eastman a "poor person's Collings." No, the MD-515 isn't quite the level of the basic Collings MF. It was most me less than 20% of the price and still comes with a lifetime warranty.
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    Re: Jerman Four String

    How do the tonal qualities compare with the solid body 5 string, and how much lighter is it?
  11. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    A used Rigel A Natural meets your specs.
  12. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    A used Rigel A Natural might do it for you, OP. My Eastman experience was that I eschewed them for years. Got new MD-515 from TMS and couldn't be more thrilled. Fits my hand much more easily than...
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    Re: New Stiver Today!

    FWIW, AMW held their first Stiver Fest back in '03 iirc.
  14. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    Seen/heard lots of the KM-505's at jams and fests and fewer Eastman 3XX series. A used Eastman 505 usually comes in under your price point and IMO outperforms both other options. The Eastman 3xx is...
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    Re: Tone-gard & tonyp

    Wow..a 12 year necrothread resurrected. Have to affirm though. My Rigel has a TG. So does the Eastman MD-515. Both also sport Longhollow Softy straps (as does the El Rey). All my traditional body...
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    Re: Dreaming of a Great A5 under $6000

    Stiver, all day long. Rigel if you aren't concerned about stink eye from the Bluegrass Police. Macica (upstate NY) for an off-radar killer A style mandolin and pricing that is kind to the wallet.
  17. Re: Can anyone please share some thoughts on the Eastman MD515CC?

    I have a standard 515, which I have raved about elsewhere on the Cafe. Excellent instrument, especially at the price point. My one gripe is the choice of the stock Pingwell tuning machines. I'm...
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    Re: Strap Recommendation

    This seems like a YMMV thing. Hasn't been the case for me on the Eastman 515. Currently have Longhollow straps on the Rigel A (this was actually Rigel branded), the 515, and the El Rey. Previously...
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    Re: Strap Recommendation

    Softy Longhollow. They work on A's and F's. Excellent strap.
  20. Re: "funky avocado" michael hedges @ the new varsity

    Found him in the mid '80s; saw him in the early 90's in San Diego at Humphreys, and in the Village, maybe at The Bottom Line. Such an amazing performer and so humble. He evidently saw himself more a...
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    Re: Favourite effects for electrics.

    My fx for electric mandolin will vary from rig to rig based on the amp, and gig to gig based on the need. I pulled myself up from a pretty deep rabbit hole. These days really just running 2-3 effects...
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    Re: Patriotic WW1 German Mandolin

    The idea of commemorative instruments is important, even if it makes us uncomfortable. IIRC, the article about violins formerly owned by Jews killed during WW2 has made the rounds on the Cafe. FWIW,...
  23. Re: Drop-in replacements? MD-515, El Rey

    Thanks, Mike!
  24. Drop-in replacements? MD-515, El Rey

    I'm interested in swapping out the Pingwell RM-1583N-26A tuners from my MD-515 and El Rey. My search on the Cafe has not revealed a slam-dunk solution so far. The Rubner's everyone raves about aren't...
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    Re: the Loar VS Eastman VS Kentucky

    Only one brand listed offers a limited lifetime warranty on their instruments. What does that suggest?

    FWIW, when I first saw the Eastmans, I thought "meh." Nowadays, I pick up the MD-515 way more...
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