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  1. Gibson snakehead Jrs vs other snakeheads

    Hi all,
    I've tried only one snakehead jr and didn't love it. I know that Juniors are mostly stripped down versions of higher models, but also their tops tend to have much wider grain. If you've...
  2. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Hey Bob, funny I don't seem to remember the Anderson. Maybe you brought in the Weber for a class after we talked about it. Or just mentioned it. This reminds me to take out your and Amy's CD that...
  3. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Hey Jim N, just to clarify. By "busted" I didn't mean a person would be 'arrested' or told off. I just meant that the tune might get off track and have the wheels fall off. In my experience,...
  4. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Right, DoubleE, I'm curious about people's experience, not in defining for anyone else what works in old time. There's no doubt all mandolins can be played. I personally prefer the oval sound in...
  5. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Hey, no problem! Truth is, I know far too much about mandolins for my own good! I'm really wondering who plays them and in what situations, since i see them rarely if ever out in the world. They...
  6. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    In old time, Jim, the fiddle is king and I happily bow down. I'm a late starter. I was 45 when I took up mandolin. I'm just glad I can play one instrument.
  7. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Jim N, sounds like those mandolin players were having a good time but if they were wailing and improvising, they'd bust a traditional old time jam. Old time jams are about blending into the sound,...
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    Re: NMD Sawchyn Hobo Flat top

    Nicely played!
  9. Question about late twenties Gibson A's

    Hi all,

    I know people tend to prefer the Loar era A's of about 1924-25. I also know others have different opinions and that every mandolin has its own voice.

    What I'm wondering is what people...
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    Re: Stradolin Seeks Glue

    That is not a dovetail. I don't know what you call it, but it's a simple square that fits into the slot. I bought one just like this and it was very easy to glue the neck back in. Sold it long ago.
  11. Re: Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Yes, Scott, I also believe that old time can be played on any mandolin. I myself mostly use a Gibson A style but sometimes I use my F5 and the flat top I built. But I'm surprised not to see more...
  12. Question about 'hybrid' mandolins in old time

    Hi all,
    I've gone to a couple of old time music camps and to Clifftop twice, as well as occasional jams in various cities besides where I live, and I have never seen a mandolin player with a hybrid...
  13. Re: Classical Guitar to Tenor conversion questions


    Just last month I converted a steel string guitar. It was a cheap laminate from the sixties (I guess) but it had the right scale length--23 inches. I pulled the frets and then used a rasp...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Here's a little tune I made up, 'Rooster on the Run.'
    Played on my 1988 Gillies mandolin.
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    Re: Apitius Mandolins

    Great choice. Look forward to seeing it on the cafe!
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    Re: Waterloo Mandolin Released

    Glad to see a general revival of flattops. Listening to the video shows that it certainly has a flattop sound, with a fair bit of sustain. It's a sound I like but it's an alternative rather than a...
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    Re: Built a tenor guitar

    I'd love to hear it. Sound sample?
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    Re: Found this old mando in a bookstore

    It also looks like a decent amateur build to me, which makes it an especially good find. I assume the tailpiece was taken off an old bowlback or flat top mandolin from the 1910s-20s. Am I right...
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    Regal Octophone - vintage photo

    Every so often I buy a vintage photo and I found this one the other day. The image of the boy in his new looking but oversized hat and coat (perhaps bought large to grow into?) makes it worth having...
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    Re: Thinking I might have to do a speed neck

    I just did a speed neck for the first time on my travel mandolin and it came out very well and is easier to play. I just used masking tape to mark the area, then used a safety razor to draw a light...
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    Re: Not all Collings hold their value

    Perhaps one should remember that not everyone has the time or wants to spend hours researching instruments or buying and selling until they find 'the one.' I have friends in my jam who have bought...
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    Re: Nut question

    I meant to mention that I hadn't seen Oliver's mention of 'good neck relief' but it appears he had it there.
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    Re: Nut question

    Hi all (and a warm hi to you Oliver, it's been quite a while):
    Well I put a shim under the nut (slightly too high) and it just shifted the problem down a fret. And after much thinking and some...
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    Re: Nut question

    Thanks to both.
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    Re: Nut question

    Good question, Phil. Actually the buzzing is just first fret so I can't try that. If I lower the action a little closer to where I want it I can't slip a piece of paper (regular 20 lb) between the...
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