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    Re: Dr. John Cockman interview

    Well done. Before picking up the mandolin, I started seeing a pattern. All of the best flatpickers also played the mandolin, even if casually so. Clarence White. Doc Watson. Norman Blake. Steve...
  2. Thread: Education

    by archerscreek

    Re: Education

    Which Fishman amp did you get? I've been thinking about the Loudbox Artist vs QSC CP8 vs new JBL Eon One Compact. Thoughts on instruments through a mic on it?

    As far as educating myself regarding...
  3. Re: Why are good mandolins more expensive than good guitars?

    I don't think they are. I think the notion that mandolins cost more than guitars is a case where perception doesn't match reality.

    New Collings MF Gloss costs around $5500.
    New Collings MT-2...
  4. Re: A tuner shootout: TC Electronic Unitune vs. Peterson StroboCl

    This is the method I use with the Stroboclip HD. As I also use the same tuner for my acoustic guitar, I mostly use the regular mode rather than the mandolin sweetener mode even though it's an easy...
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    Re: Northfield love

    Congrats on the new mandolin.

    How are Northfield necks compared to Collings, Gibson, Eastman and any of the others? I know they have a 1 1/8" nut, so wider than Gibson and Eastman, which are 1...
  6. Thread: UPS rant

    by archerscreek

    Re: UPS rant

    As far as day of delivery service goes, it all depends on the individual worker. Some obviously have had good service with USPS workers. But I've had packages that were supposed to come to me instead...
  7. Thread: UPS rant

    by archerscreek

    Re: UPS rant

    Curious. Was this a guaranteed delivery date deal? Every time someone has sent me something with a guaranteed delivery date they held it like that.
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    Re: Because of course she is....

    Haha. I don't need Spotify to tell me I listen to Clarence White a lot more than anyone else. It's not even close. Even my soon to be 3 year old daughter knows who Clarence White is and wants him on...
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    Re: New Northfield Model M

    Looks great. There seem to be so many quality instruments being made out there. This has to be the good ol' days for the mandolin.
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    Re: How to play mandolin faster

    Good video and nice playing. You convinced me. I need a new mandolin to play faster. Haha.

    But seriously, my left hand is the limiting factor and you pointed out the two things I need to work on....
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    Re: Article: Emory Lester Interview

    Thanks for bumping this thread. If Emory Lester had a dollar for every time I watched him play a Northfield Big Mon on YouTube, he probably could buy a mandolin from all of his friends. Haha. I bet...
  12. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    Sweet mandolin.

    Frankly, I wish the finish on all instruments was weighted more towards maximizing tone than protecting an unplayed appearance. I think manufacturers know there are a lot of...
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    Sam Bush tuning tips

    I was searching for info and videos of the Gibson Sam Bush model when I came across this 2012 video.

    Sam Bush mentions at least three tuning tips that...
  14. Re: ISO Recs for Bluegrass Mandolins in the $900-1.2K rang

    I see more Eastman 300 and 500 series mandolins at bluegrass jams than any other by far. I recently read where the Mandolin Store put in a fall order with Eastman for three hundred mandolins or...
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    Re: Chop Melody Style

    Fantastic. Thanks.
  16. Re: Import Flatiron Festival vs Eastman MD515

    I traded a 16 series Martin guitar for a new Eastman 515 and think it was one of the best music related decisions I ever made.

    No, it isn't a Collings MF5 V (my newest object of MAS lust), but I...
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    Listening to the portion about the test for whether playing music alters cellular building blocks (or something like that) which then makes visible the soul of a person makes me wonder about...
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    Re: Just wanted to say thanks...

    Haha. Yes, indeed the same thing is happening to me. I lusted out loud for the Black Night Gibson at the Mandolin Store. Gone. Then it was between the new Goldrush they had and some used ones here....
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    I've always been very interested in how the brain works. It is an extremely powerful tool. That power can be utilized to our benefit or our detriment.

    I have no doubt that nearly every one of us...
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    Re: Question about Finish Chipping

    It doesn't look "normal" to me. But I've seen similar stuff happen to guitars that got too dry and needed humidifiers. If the flaws were only in the area of the fret end, I'd guess the wood was...
  21. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    Sirius XM. They're a joke.

    I had recalls on my 2015 F-150. Sirius sent me snail mail saying they'd give me 3 free months as a reward for getting the recalls done. I called them up and wasted...
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    Re: Thank You, Collings

    Based on what I've read and seen, I'm a fan of their quality, company/history, and customer service. I just wish they brought a wee bit more bass and airiness to the table, ala a David Harvey Gibson....
  23. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    David Harvey seems like a great guy from the multiple accounts I've read (including yours) and the interviews I've seen. I'm saving up for one of his Gibsons. They sound great.
  24. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    That's too funny. Lol. I could appreciate seeing such a warning, though. I've seen a few videos of people showing off their instruments that sounded like cats scratching chalk boards. I've often...
  25. Re: YouTube policy change, ‘Made for Kids’

    YouTube's policy sounds reasonable to me. The creator of a video knows whether they made it for kids or not, teenagers included. These videos are obvious to me.
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