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  1. Poll: Re: Poll for Song a Week Social Group Week #505

    James Bryan is THE man. Check out his "Farewell to Long Hollow." I found some scores I'll upload just in case. Haven't played them; can't vouch for them.
  2. I’ve been a fan going back to “Little Widgets.”...

    I’ve been a fan going back to “Little Widgets.” His “embrace sucking” advice is completely on target.

    Andrew was in town last year with the trio as visiting artists for a local arts organization....
  3. Re: pleasant surprise (offshoot of the Monteleone mandolins threa

    I've enjoyed reading your posts. My suggestion is go with a Duff F5. You will not be disappointed. There are more expensive mandolins you can buy, and comparable mandolins, but Duffs are top-notch in...
  4. Re: Is a Gibson F5G a "Professional" Instrument?

    Trampsinger: Thanks for the additional perspective about who you are and what you're trying to do. This is all obviously subjective, but my advice would be to spend a little more money and go up to...
  5. Re: From a really good to really great mandolin... what happens?

    A better mandolin is a good idea and will be worth every penny. Do it!

    Somebody told me once you should always have a better mandolin than you deserve because it will pull you forward in your...
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    Shopping experiences bad and good

    I have a 20 percent off coupon for orders of $49 and up from a major chain, which shall remain nameless, that has a presence both on the web and with local stores. The only hitch with the coupon is...
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    Re: mandolin teacher dead zone

    Mike Compton is a good teacher, as is Adam Steffey, both offering one-on-one real-time lessons on the web. Nothing against MM's school, but it involves exchanging recorded videos instead of direct...
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    Re: My ATACK!!!!!!

    1. Yes to all of the above, or whatever part of it with which I agree. (I like a little mystery in my posts.)

    2. Hold the pick firmly between your thumb and index finger, but not in death grip.
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    Re: James Taylor

    James Taylor is a wonderful songwriter and performer. I take his pronouncements about politics every bit as seriously as I do George Clooney's thoughts on bluegrass.
  10. Re: New player looking for any types of advice!

    I second the J74 recommendation. I wouldn't change the strings right away. Never heard that suggestion before. Wait a month. That's just my opinion. Get a peg winder that'll fit on mandolins.

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    Re: Mandolin prices

    I always tell people to look for a used Breedlove A oval. There are some real deals on those.
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    Re: Are Gibson mandolins like Nike sneakers?

    OK, I had to look up Godwin's Law cited above:

    Godwin's law (also known as Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies or Godwin's Law of Nazi Analogies[1][2]) is an argument made by Mike Godwin in 1990[2]...
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    Re: Are Gibson mandolins like Nike sneakers?

    That's a good point, Eddie. The whack you take when you drive that new car off the lot notwithstanding, how many things can you invest in (which is what money spent on property is, regardless of...
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    Re: Are Gibson mandolins like Nike sneakers?

    It's surprisingly easy to step in bear traps in these sorts of forums, Jason. I have a talent for it. This site -- which I love -- has been running for a while, and the fat has been chewed long...
  15. Re: Why are there so few "new" Gibson mandolins available?

    I have an idea: Gibson should sell new mandolins via mandolin teachers! New and out there, I know, but it could work. I'm willing to carry 3 top-end models in stock in my home office/studio. Gibson,...
  16. Re: Has anyone seen a Gibson Jam Master for sale?

    There a tons of good Fs and As in that price range in the classifieds. Nothing against the Jam Masters.
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