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    Re: Case for Strad-O-Lin

    I use an Eastman soft case for my SOL Venetian. I’ve taken it on a few trains and buses, but wouldn’t trust it on a plane, due to other folks using the same storage compartment. Unfortunately, due...
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    Re: Consignment Advice

    I sold an “excess” Weber mandolin through Bruce’s Weber and it was very reasonable (it was an f-hole Yellowstone F and I’m more partial to the o-hole models). He even helped by providing a cheaper...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    My playing style is such that I don’t scratch the face of my instruments, but years of fingerpicking on my Guild D55 guitar has worn the finish off the back of the neck in spots. The only other...
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    Re: Humidity control, ay ay ay

    Where I live in California, the humidity is generally pretty low, exacerbated by the AC in the summertime. I find that some of my instruments get too dry and the tops collapse slightly, leading to...
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    Re: Finger style mandolin

    As a long-time guitar finger picker, taking up the mandolin finally got me to start using flatpicks on the guitar. I have messed around with fingerpicking mandolin, but still have to work on how I...
  6. Re: Article: New Owners of Weber Mandolins Announced

    Webers are wonderful mandolins; I’ve got a few. Glad to see that the tradition of excellence is continuing. Will be taking my Weber sweet pea backpacking again this fall.

    I’m far better...
  7. Thread: DolinmanX

    by Denis Kearns

    Re: DolinmanX

    Just discovered this thread this evening. What a great collection of performances. It looks like you are having a lot of fun while making some very nice music. Thanks for sharing. Nice backdrops...
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    Re: Anybody dealt with Vintage Gintage

    I’ve also purchased a mandolin from Bob - fair price, great communication and I scored a nice Gibson A3 whiteface with great sound. I routinely lust after the cool and interesting instruments he...
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    Re: Bass Builder Undertakes Mandola Build

    Phil Crump also has experience with redwood. He made my OM with an old growth redwood top. It’s very nice. And, incidentally, a few years ago Phil had two redwoods fall in his yard; one on his...
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    Re: Jerry Capehart

    Your mandolinetto was most likely made by the Regal company. Yours is identical to the Regal “guitar-mandola” styles 212 and 214; the exact model depending on the type of wood it’s made from....
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    Re: Help identifying a mandolin

    Welcome to the Cafe! Make sure you check out the Learn/Listen button at the top of this page. Lots of good information and a bunch of tabs for some cool songs. I also encourage you to check out...
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    Re: Weber Bridger mandolin

    I’m one of the lucky ones who has a Weber Bridger F with the “round(ish) sound hole” and it’s a really nice instrument (see below for those who are curious). Got it through the Cafe classifieds. ...
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    Re: Essay on Mandolin Orchestras

    Hi Lee - Sounds like a fun group. I did a very quick read through of the document and have the following comments. I could do a more careful review, if you would like. I’ve edited lots of...
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    Re: Midrange Cases; worth the expense?

    That’s a new situation. I had looked a bit ago and they were still out of stock. Also, as with everything, the price has undergone a healthy increase. A couple of years back, I got one of these...
  15. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    Well, I went out and got a new mirror with a flexible arm and took a look at the inside of the top. Everything looks like it’s solid spruce. I don’t understand why it looks like laminate at the...
  16. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    So, maybe it’s from the early 50s, which might explain the use of laminate, and incidentally, would make it the same vintage as me.
  17. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    Below are a couple of photos which to me, indicate laminate construction. The first shows the inside edge of the sound hole. At first I thought this might be a small patch added to strengthen the...
  18. Re: Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    Thanks Mick & Nick for your thoughts and information. I should have expected something related in the archives, but was more fixated on the folks at Laberte et Magnié rather than the rest of the...
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    Re: 20's-30's Regal tenor guitar bridge

    That’s Mahogany!!!
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    Re: 20's-30's Regal tenor guitar bridge

    Here’s an illustration from Carlin’s book on Regal Instruments. Unfortunately, the book contains only drawings for the tenor guitars. The one below is the monogamy version of your professional model...
  21. Laberte et Magnié mandolin of uncertain vintage

    Hi All - I’m trying to figure out the vintage of the French Laberte et Magnié mandolin which I picked up this morning via a local ad. The sides and back are mahogany laminate and the cant top is...
  22. Re: Comments on the Value of Gibson A4 Mandolin with hard case

    My understanding is that an A4 of that vintage should have Handel tuners, not plain ones. The lack of Handel tuners would be expected to lower the value a little. Like our esteemed colleague Mr....
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    Wood Anatomy

    I had intended this comment for the “tone rite” thread, but it closed before I had completed the post. Even so, I would still like to share my comments on wood anatomy for those interested....
  24. Re: Hawktail announces new album coming August 12 - Place of Grow

    Thanks for the link. As a botanist, I really liked seeing that a herbarium specimen was used to announce some excellent music, but I can’t find any plant species that is actually named hawktail in...
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    Re: Larson Brothers?

    Based on the information in Bob Carlin’s Book on Regal Musical Instruments, This looks like model 2922, with the engraved tuner cover and it would have come with an engraved tailpiece cover as well. ...
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