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    Re: coolest shirt I ever had

    Me, too!

    How would it work with a full band, though? I figure that the fiddler would have to go at the front of the line, given the bow and the lack of frets. Maybe the guitar player could go...
  2. Re: Thile & Daves: It's Fiddle Tune Request Time!

    Ten years later, solo.

    I need to learn some new adjectives, because none of the ones I think of go far enough.
  3. Re: Carter Vintage Guitars is now Carter Vintage Exchange

    Yeah, I was especially surprised when I brought it to the attention of a longtime staffer there (who knows me), and he didn't seem all that concerned about it.

    Tomorrow, perhaps, but not...
  4. Re: Carter Vintage Guitars is now Carter Vintage Exchange

    Remember when Mandolin Brothers was THE place? That was because Stan Jay was THE man. MandoBros was the only music store I've ever been to that I liked even more than Carter's.

    I agree...
  5. Re: New OM day, and some questions about others

    If you like the feel of the Eastman, but want a better tone, you might like their MDO605 model. It has the same dimensions as the MDO305, but in their mandolin line, the 600 series have...
  6. Re: New OM day, and some questions about others

    duplicate post created by editing :(
  7. Thread: Hilburn F5

    by Marcus CA

    Re: Hillburn F5

    Seriously! Everything is so clear and well-lit that you really get a sense of how an instrument looks --- which is usually gorgeous there!
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    Re: Help ID a song on Shawn Brock vid

    Along with being a good picker, he's a great guy to demo a guitar. (He's done a mando video or two along the way, too, I think.) The audio quality in his recordings is really good, so through...
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    Re: Bourgeois M5A Mandolin

    for $440 less at the same store:
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    Re: Hard case for OM

    Is your OM in the case that you think it was originally shipped in? If not, you might email Lawrence through his website and ask him what cases he currently uses for shipping his OM's.

    I have a...
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    Re: Bourgeois M5A Mandolin

    None of the Bay Area stores are Eastman dealers, but I've listened to several videos done by stores that are dealers, and I really haven't been impressed. The tone is generally clear, but thin.
  12. Re: Tour the Gibson Mandolin Factory? - this week - other cool si

    Station Inn is a wonderful super-small bluegrass venue with a good sound system and no elbow room at the tables. You'll have to leave your concerns about disease at the door unless you can drink...
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    Re: Uncommon songs (preferably in G)

    Arlo didn't play this in G, but it works easily in that key.
  14. Thread: Snark tuner

    by Marcus CA

    Re: Snark tuner

    I've never done comparison tests on suppression of extraneous noise, but tonal sensitivity is the key factor for me.

    Every tuner is set up to flip to the next half-tone up or done once you go...
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    Re: String gauge questions keep coming

    Is that Smart GBOM the one that was for sale at Elderly? I was at the store for my first and probably only time a few weeks before it was listed, so unfortunately, I missed out on the chance to play...
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    Re: Weber Yellowstone vs Northfield Big Mon

    I agree completely. The Big Mon has a stronger chop, but the Yellowstone has a richer tone for playing melodies and open chords.
  17. Thread: Snark tuner

    by Marcus CA

    Re: Snark tuner

    The only problem I've ever had with Snarks is their inaccuracy. I can noticeably change the pitch of a string without having the gauge change, which is frustrating when the gauge is at the green.
  18. Re: Strings for a 16.75 inch neck Stephen Owsley Smith Cittern

    With that fretboard inlay and that pickguard (and that builder), that instrument should have plenty of mojo!

    Which octave is that G string tuned to? I'm asking because a 16.75" scale length is...
  19. Re: Does anyone have experience or advice about finger rehabilita

    I'll second bigskygirl's advice about PT. Hopefully, Steve, you live somewhere that great physical therapists aren't hours away from you. You're not going to want someone who sees your hand and...
  20. Re: Reischman this week in PA, VA, NC & TN w/CA BG Reunion

    I've seen this lineup at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley almost every year for the past decade, and they always are tremendous --- as you'd expect with that roster!

  21. Re: New San Bush album focuses on John Hartfiord tunes

    First track released.
  22. Re: New San Bush album focuses on John Hartfiord tunes

    Should be great! Too bad that Sam isn't calling this album "Volume 1."

    BTW, I think that it's basically a one-man-band overdub project, perhaps with some additional vocalists.
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    Re: Sam Bush plays Clarence White’s mandolin

    It’s been there since June at that price —- which is double their Gilchrist F-5’s.
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    Re: Weber Yellowstone Experts

    My tremendous 2004 Gallatin F mandocello's serial number is 402811. Just six digits.

    So, am I correct in interpreting that to mean that the instrument was built in November 2004 (as I've always...
  25. Re: How is Tuning Drift with Rubner Tuning Machine

    I have a 2011 Yellowstone, which still has whichever unlabeled tuners were standard at the time. The only problem I have had with those tuners is that one of the A strings starts slipping every...
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