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  1. Re: I have MAS and check the classified hourly…

    I like the Cafe and classifieds because it is an uplifting treasure on the internet. No bad news or ugly opinions, just mandolins. OK I have to admit that I have MAS but it is a medicine good for...
  2. Re: Two new Campanella Mandolins land at The Music Emporium

    This just in:)

    TME 2 point. Sounds great.
  3. Replies

    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    This should be good therapy for me...
    1. Weber Yellowstone- good start
    2. Moon Something A Model
    3. Unicorn A model
    4. Pomeroy F-5
    5. Kentucky KM-1500 Sumi
    6. Gil Model 1
    7. Batwing
  4. Re: Anyone Know where I can find a used Gilchrist

    These are my hieroglyphics over the last 6 months for asking prices for Gilchrist. Date of sale, location, model year, Serial number ,and asking price. I have some how committed to #794 in his new...
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