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  1. Re: Ragtime Skedaddlers and The Etcetera String Band

    Dennis Pash wields a mean banjo-mandolin, for sure. He even makes it sound musical. I got hold of the Skedaddlers CD a while ago and I have enjoyed it a lot but I was unaware of the Etcetera Band, so...
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    Re: New Parlour King tenor video up!

    The first Jig is The Mystery Inch (composer David Kosky, Sheffield) the second is Arthur Darley's (aka Swedish Jig)
  3. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I have been enjoying Jill's playing on this site. I have also grown fond of mazurkas recently, in fact I have been exploring all kinds of 3/4 tunes from waltzes to Swedish polskas to French bourees...
  4. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    Hi Aidan, I have been delving into your site. There are some great resources here, especially the recordings of notable mandolin players and your own compositions. You have done some great work and I...
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    Re: Brendan o'Regan mandolin playing

    Very good. They sound like Carolan tunes. Does anyone know the tune names?
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    Re: Recommend Mandola in CGDA strings?

    Your 45cm scale look like an awkward 'in-between' scale length. My German mandola, designed to be played as an 'octave mandolin' GDAE in orchestras, is 48cm. Thanks to the large body volume it will...
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    Re: Flat top Arch back mandolin

    Paul Shippey has been making a range of flat-top, carved back mandolins and bouzoukis in the UK for a while now and I have been tempted by them. He calls them 'the axe' and some pros have been buying...
  8. Re: Bach Prelude to suite #3--new recordiing

    Very nicely played. Thanks for posting this recording. Do you find the five course range necessary to play this piece or are you going for the deeper tone of the larger mando body?
    I live about 5...
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    Re: Irish Tenor Banjo Recordings

    There are many great Irish TB players around now that any list would be incomplete. Gerry O'Connor, Seamus Egan and Cathal Hayden, already mentioned, are all great. In terms of albums I enjoy...
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    Re: Norman Blake Tunes

    Mel Bay has many books by Steve Kaufman but I can't see one which covers Blake tunes. Maybe it is out of print?
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    Re: Norman Blake Tunes

    Some nice videos here. I have just discovered N&N Blake tunes. I bought a used Natasha's Waltz CD and am enjoying it. My first project is to learn Blake's March, a great tune on mandolin. Luckily...
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    Re: Norman Blake Tunes

    Some nice videos here. I have just discovered N&N Blake tunes. I bought a used Natasha's Waltz CD and am enjoying it. My first project is to learn Blake's March, a great tune on mandolin. Luckily...
  13. Thread: Alvarez a400

    by Anglocelt

    Re: Alvarez a400

    These Martin A copies made in Japan were sold in small numbers with different brand names. I recently saw a similar one (with fancier woods) for sale in the UK branded 'Hokada' and the label said...
  14. Re: 'Additional Information' links in classifieds not working

    Thanks Hank. That does the trick for me.
  15. 'Additional Information' links in classifieds not working

    Half or more of the 'additional information' links in the classified ads are not working for me, nor have they been for some time. Most of the links in dealer ads are not working work, so I can't see...
  16. Re: New to playing Celtic music but I see its big locally

    And there are some very good Scottish and English 'celtic' mandolin players. for instance Ian Stephenson and Tom Kimber, here
  17. Re: Review: Carlo Mazzaccara Lucia bowlback mandolin

    I have admired Carlo's work for some time. He must be one of the world's preeminent classical mandolin makers. If I was a classical music player I too would be sorely tempted.
  18. Re: Your thoughts on Ellis A4s and other modern, upper tier ovals

    Upper tier as in expensive? I would look seriously at Mike Black of Lawrence, Kansas, who specialises in faithful Gibson A2 and A4 reproductions. I have one of his A4s and I am very happy with it. On...
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    Re: New Windsor banjo

    The general rule with Windsor banjos is the higher the model number the lower the grade of instrument. They made a few different model ranges, often graded within the ranges, with those numbered 1...
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    Re: Accompanying a guitarists who tunes down

    I am struggling with the concept 'accompanying a guitarist'. On the celtic music scene I am familiar with guitarists, who are tolerated more than embraced, are expected to play in whatever key the...
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    Re: Off to Scotland

    Don't give up on Skye. It is a great island and Portree, the main town, is a lovely place. Don't try to walk it in a day; that would be daft. Instead do some sections of the 7 day Skye Trail. Lots of...
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    Re: Suffragette March

    Sounds interesting. Did you record your band's performance?
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    Re: “Month of November” Rodney Miller

    David's link is correct. It is the same tune as Rodney Miller is playing in your link, just with a few small variations in their arrangement.
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    Re: A Celtic Morn - Emile Grimshaw

    What a jolly piece, Michael. Thanks for posting this and congratulations on your impressive technique. Your link to the BMG archive is also very welcome. I have a) nearly complete set of original...
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    Re: Anyone with a Martin Style A

    That case looks quite shallow, too shallow for a Martin A. It might fit a Lyon and Healey B or C model.
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