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  1. Re: Lengthy article on bluegrass in the Guardian (UK)

    “...the Carolina Chocolate Drops restores the tradition of the black string band that had been all but written out of bluegrass history.”

    I’m more into old-time, but do any of you bluegrassers...
  2. Re: What to look/listen for when mandolin shopping?

    Thanks, all, for your perspective. Yes, I don’t mean for this to be a complete “make or break” list. I just want a reminder for things to pay attention to when I compare mandolins in the heat of the...
  3. What to look/listen for when mandolin shopping?

    I’m thinking about upgrading from my Eastman 505, and want to stay objective and remember what to check out in a mandolin before I pull the trigger. I find that when I go to a music store and sit...
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    Re: I need some serious help...

    Greetings, Frog, from a former Arizonan (Tucson) and fellow beginner. I highly recommend Pete Wernick’s series of three bluegrass jamming DVDs (or downloadables) from Homespun. The first one goes...
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    Re: Ashokan Farewell Tabs anyone?

    Honest question, here. I agree with your stance that people who want Ashokan Farewell should purchase a licensed version (I've done that myself). But is it really true that people playing among...
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    Re: Ashokan Farewell Tabs anyone?

    You can get the notation from Mel Bay:
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    Re: Scale Warm-Up Exercises - Your Favorites

    Ah, ok. I think I get it now (sorry, I’m so dense at this stuff). You are picking one stroke on every metronome click. Since I’m picking 4 strokes (down-up-down-up) on every click, your 150...
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    Re: Scale Warm-Up Exercises - Your Favorites

    So, you are picking two notes (down-up) on each click? I guess that would be like four of my down-up-down-up picks for every click at 75 bpm, which doesn’t feel terribly slow to me. I guess I’m a...
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    Re: Scale Warm-Up Exercises - Your Favorites

    [Oops, sorry. This was directed toward Perry. I don’t know how to tag members.]

    Apologies for digging up this very old thread, but can I ask you about your “excruciatingly slow” comment? I’ve...
  10. Re: Larson Harp Mandolin on Antiques Road Show

    Here’s the appraiser’s biographical sketch from the Antiques Roadshow website:

    As for “pulling out checkbooks,” it is unethical...
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    Re: Out of the mainstream

    Thanks for reminding me about him, sblock. I’m going to look him up. Thinking about upgrading from my Eastman, and it would be cool to have a “native Coloradan” mandolin.
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    Re: focus/concentration

    It sounds paradoxical, but the thing I have to focus on most when practicing—both mandolin and fiddle—is relaxing. Especially when I practice fiddle, I find that my entire face and jaw tends to tense...
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    Re: John McGann's "Sound Fundamentals"

    That is a great video lesson. If you get on Homespun’s email list, you’ll receive daily offers for vastly discounted videos—often 50% or even 65% off. If you go for the instant download option,...
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    Re: If you only knew it back then...

    "If I could go back in time to 1976" (when I played trumpet in 9th grade), I would have picked up fiddle and mandolin, instead of waiting 3 and 4 decades, respectively. And I'd be a lot better at...
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    Re: Were I to take up the fiddle ...

    You joke, but when I first picked up the mandolin about a year and a half ago after scratching on fiddle for about 10 years, I really DID trip all over the frets! It was the weirdest feeling, not...
  16. Re: New EP from my band Chez Coucou - Boulder, CO

    OMG, I live 5 minutes away from there! But I can’t make it tonight. Maybe next Thursday night. I love Waterloo.
  17. Re: New EP from my band Chez Coucou - Boulder, CO

    Wow—good stuff!!! I’ll have to come find you guys. I guess we’re neighbors.
  18. Re: Pinky reach vs. position shift (Haste to the Wedding)

    Thanks, Randi. Yeah, I can already reach the C (I can even stretch to the C# on a good day). The pinky stretch isn’t really the problem. It’s more the combination of the pinky on B while holding the...
  19. Re: Pinky reach vs. position shift (Haste to the Wedding)

    Thanks all. It’s unanimous. I’ll continue stretching those pinky-middle finger tendons and developing finger independence. And I’ll experiment between DUD DUD/DUD UDU jig picking.
  20. Re: Pinky reach vs. position shift (Haste to the Wedding)

    No, the pinky reach to the B isn’t a problem at all. It’s just slightly awkward to play that second measure with pinky on B, middle on G, and ring on A. It’s slightly easier to play that combination...
  21. Pinky reach vs. position shift (Haste to the Wedding)

    Two technique questions on playing the jig, Haste to the Wedding:


    1. In the second measure of the B part, would you stay in 1st position, reaching up to the B with your pinky, or would...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    I think Howard has straightened it out in this video. When I've played it in jams, it usually has (an annoying, IMO) extra beat (or is it two beats) at the beginning of the B part. I normally love...
  23. Thread: Chords

    by wormpicker

    Re: Chords

    I can't remember whether this has been pointed out yet, but one benefit of working on 4-finger (not just 4-string) chords from the beginning is precisely to stretch your hands so that you'll be able...
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    Re: How To Avoid Losing An Expensive Pick

    I wish I could chip my “Chip”...

    Last summer, right after I got my CT55 pick, I brought it to a music festival, where we camped and played non-stop for 5 days. I switched off between my fiddle and...
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    Re: “Jake’s Got A Bellyache”

    Nice! I really like this tune and have been playing around with it myself. Erynn Marshall recorded it with The Haints Stringband on their Shout Monah Album.

    The A part is similar to Washington’s...
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