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    Re: Mandolin newbie

    In addition to my reply on the AGF - if you've been playing guitar for 45 years you've probably played some begginer level instruments and up to very good quality guitars. Mandolin is much more of a...
  2. Thread: Humidity?

    by Mandobart

    Re: Humidity?

    Relative humidity and its effect on musical instruments is something most people don't grasp. Part of my mechanical engineering degree studies involved a good bit of HVAC, ASHRAE tables and such.
  3. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    I've heard and experienced a slightly different set of rules regarding the PRO's (ASCAP, BMI and SESAC).

    It makes no difference if the venue/event charges money or not. It doesn't matter if its a...
  4. Re: Seeking new/used tunning machines for the 1940's (?) Dobro ma

    I have a 1934 (or earlier) Regal wooden body resonator mandolin with a spider bridge. In 1934 they started stamping a number on the inside of the cone coverplate, and mine is not stamped.

  5. Re: Ebony Tuner Buttons for Eastman ER-M El Rey mando?

    I similarly have an antipathy toward mother-of-toilet-seat tuning machine buttons. Where switchable (Grover, Gotoh, some other brands) I've simply replaced the buttons. For the Pings on my Eastman...
  6. Re: Who is a member/board member of a local BG/OT/Folk Society?

    I'm a member and volunteer in 3 local acoustic music organizations (and treasurer/board member of one). There is a good amount of overlap between these three.

    Mid Columbia Traditional Arts and...
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    Re: Mandolin Care?

    When it comes time to change strings, do them one pair at a time. Some new players aren't aware that string tension is what holds the bridge on. If you remove all the strings at once your bridge...
  8. Re: Long-winded general questions from a mandolin newbie ...

    Radim Zinkl had Breedlove make a super wide fretboard mandolin for him. Not sure if the current lineup offers anything similar. My guess is it would be more than $1 k.

    I have larger than average...
  9. Re: Embarassing Question - Which Mandolin to Bring to Jam?

    This is so very important to remember - and a lesson I learned as an epiphany when I was quite a bit younger. Other people pay about as much attention/concern/memory to you as you do to them (in...
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    Re: Comparing Some Gibson Built Mandolins

    The first ('17 A1) sounded the best to me. Next was the F5G. The other two were kind of buried by the guitar accompaniment, but I like the Flatiron better than the A5G.

    Thanks for sharing this!
  11. Re: Changing the strings on my new to me 2nd hand Gilchrist

    I've used all those on my instruments. My favorites are Curt Mangan, followed by DR. But I like sweet tone, sustain and volume.
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    Re: Spokane Fall Folk Festival

    I had a good time jamming with friends there. It's a folk festival with a broad eclectic range of music, dancing, crafts, etc. Not a typical bluegrass-centered gathering. It's worth the drive for...
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    Spokane Fall Folk Festival

    Anyone going? I'll be up there in a few hours.

    Spokane Fall Folk Festival
  14. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    There is this one, but it's asymmetrical.
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    Re: Tell me about Ibanez mandolins

    Here's the thing that trips up some new mandolin players - they just cost more. There are probably 1000 or more guitar players for every mandolin player. The majority of guitars bought are flat...
  16. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    The Prime tone pick doesn't wear when the printed label wears off - the printing wears, that's all. I've never had the printed label wear off a Blue chip (or a Gravity, or a Tortex, or a Golden...
  17. Re: I canít remember if learning guitar was this hard

    Sounds like my experience is different from most people who replied on this thread.

    I started violin at 10 years old. I don't remember a lot about the learning process. I had lessons and played...
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    Re: A Different Busking Question

    My bluegrass club has put together a band that has been playing one local farmers market for the past few years. We get paid $200 for a two-hour set. The last two times we've played there we got...
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    Re: Uncommon songs (preferably in G)

    Though I often transpose a song for my vocal range, the OP wants this for a workshop. IMO, it is a disservice to workshop attendees to introduce a song to them in a key other than the one it's...
  20. Re: For Halloween - Father of Bluegrass Adult Sized Costume

    *talent and ability not included
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    Re: Uncommon songs (preferably in G)

    I'm surprised it doesn't get covered more. It's NOT bluegrass but Eddie Vedder's rise works well in G on mando.

    Dark Hollow is not done a lot in jams.
    Beech Spring is a neat sounding old tune in...
  22. Thread: Snark tuner

    by Mandobart

    Re: Snark tuner

    I have a bunch of Snark tuners. Some of the old red ones have busted swivel joints on the display head. I've fixed these in a variety of ways. When the rubber pads come off I just cut a new one...
  23. Re: Mandocello question: should I add strap button, and K&K picku

    A pickup "cutting out" is usually a bad cord or wiring of the pickup to the output jack. First thing to do when it is encountered is switch cords.

    I've mounted JJB piezoelectric soundboard...
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    Re: Workshop feeback

    John Reischman hands down does the best mandolin workshops I've ever attended. I've been to 3 of his, one was 4 hours long.

    Since you're now in the PNW where John frequently tours, plays and...
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    Re: Tried this string comparison technique?

    Or just save yourself the trouble and switch to Curt Mangan phosphor bronze strings. I already compared most all the brands and found they give audibly better tone, volume and sustain.
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