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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    Another interesting site concerning contemporary mandolin compositions might be the German Pan-Verlag:
    They print classics such as...
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    Re: Microjazz for Mandolin

    What Michael says about the guitar parts is true, the guitar accompaniment to the tune Face in the Crowd seemed quite challenging to me.
    Mandolin-wise, it is rather simple, but Barbara...
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    Re: About my pick grip

    At least, he plays Bach with that grip:
    By the way: Caterina Lichtenberg also has a non-standard pick-grip
    She doesn't plant her pinky, but her index...
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    Re: Microjazz for Mandolin

    Got to revive this thread I started almost 2 years ago: I bought the book, but I never managed to play something from it, so it ended up in a pile of unused sheet music books.;)
    But lately it was...
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    Re: Ektarina Skliar playing Asturias

    Fretting notes with the thumb is a common balalaika technique. It is taught in Mel Bay's balalaika method.
    She also uses that technique a lot on the domra. So, probably, that's a common domra...
  6. Re: Pavane (Fauré), arranged for two mandolins

    Very interesting version for 2 melody instruments, nicely performed.
    Thanks for the link to the score. I really like this Pavane, I found an easy version in a book with easy guitar duets.
    It leaves...
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    Re: First classical mandolin...

    There seem to be several ideas of what a good classical tone is:
    Most classical players prefer a rather brilliant sound, like that of the Embergher Alison Stephens played:
  8. Thread: TI strings

    by crisscross

    Re: TI strings

    Here in Germany, TIs are not that expensive. And you can buy similar strings by Pyramid, Fisoma and Optima for even less money. I like them on all my mandolins.
    Here's how they sound on my Breedlove...
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    Re: Blue River Waltz sheet music

    I downloaded the sheet music for The Blue River Waltz and recorded it.
    In the version of Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, Molly plays the chords on a steel string guitar using flatpicking technique....
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    Re: Short-neck oval A models?

    I have a Pomeroy A 2 that I really like. I can't tell you, how it compares soundwise to old Gibsons or Old Waves, but strung with flatwound strings, it sounds fine to my ears:...
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    Re: German folk songs

    Es, es, es und es is indeed very well known in Germany. It was even included in the recorder method book, I had to use as a child. But I had no idea what the lyrics were about at that time. It's a...
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    Re: Mid-Mo M1 on German E-Bay

    Thanks pheffernan, thanks Martin! I contacted the seller and am waiting for his answers to some questions concerning the age of the mandolin and the fretwear. But it sounds real good on Martin's...
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    Mid-Mo M1 on German E-Bay

    Currently, there's a Mid-Mo M1 mandolin for 499 Euros on German E-Bay....
  14. Re: Polish folk song for mandolin orchestra: "Szła dzieweczka"

    I really like this song so I searched for sheet music that I could play in a simple mandolin/guitar setting.
    I found a melody with guitar chords version at abcnotation com:...
  15. Re: Polish folk song for mandolin orchestra: "Szła dzieweczka"

    Beautiful song, nicely played!
  16. Re: Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!

    The same goes for the Minuet from Lully's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme: the notes with the staccato dot above them are played non-tremolo, the others are played tremolo:
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    Re: German folk songs

    I continue to arrange and play songs from the Zupfgeigenhansl book and, looking up other renditions of the tunes I recorded, what strikes me as odd, is the fact, that many of them have been recorded...
  18. Re: Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!

    In the previous examples, all the notes of the same value were played in the same fashion.
    But it is possible to play a quarter note tremoloed in one place and non-tremolo in another.
    In my version...
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    Re: What's a Chord Melody?

    I never tried anything like Chord-Melody on my mandolin, but I try to play some on my CGDA-tuned instruments.
    There's a Mel Bay book called Tenor Banjo Melody Chord Playing System. ...
  20. Re: Schumann: Träumerei (Reverie) for mandolin quartet

    Very nice! I guess, I like the second tempo best.
    The slow version also sounds fine.
    The last one seems a bit hurried.
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    Re: getting into the Italian style

    Hal Leonard's Mandolin Play Along Volume 7 Italian Classics has sheet music and tabs of tunes like Santa Lucia, O Sole Mio, Vieni sul Mar and others....
  22. Re: Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!

    Today's tremolo-practice-tune is pretty straight forward.
    It is fast enough to play quarter notes non-tremolo and use sixteenth notes to suggest a tremolo for 2-beat or 4-beat-notes.
    Moscow Nights...
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    Re: Blueridge BR-40T tenor guitar

    I agree, that they sound great when strummed. But I have mine tuned CDGA.
    I use it for song accompaniment in our little acoustic trio:
    So long, no one...
  24. Re: Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!

    Another nice tune to practice the difference between legato tremolo and non-legato eights is Morning has broken.
    In measure 5, a dotted quarter followed by an eighth note and a quarter note is...
  25. Re: Tremolo Tuesdays-Let's work on our tremability!

    Thanks Phil, I have about the same problem with 32th notes as you, so I play DuDuDu in medium tempo songs.
    But I don't think of this as triplets, I try to just let it flow. With quarter notes or...
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