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  1. Thread: Left hand

    by sbhikes

    Left hand

    I went to a concert last night in an intimate setting to see a very gifted mandolinist (a very gifted trio, really). I have never seen anyone play the mandolin with such skill in person. I took note...
  2. March Mandolin Festival concerts and beer tasting

    Well, folks, our workshop slots are full for 2019, but we have two great concerts that are open to the public, on Friday March 1 at the Stone Church Music Club in Newmarket NH (6:30), and Saturday...
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    Re: Double-Stops Lessons

    Sharon Gilchrist taught her system at Targhee several years ago and for me it was hands down the best explanation that completely clicked with me. I can do DS anywhere any key no problem. Check her...
  4. so i looked up Sharon Gilchrist on youtube last night

    I've been taking mandolin class on pegheadNation, Sharons lessons, for a while now and I totally enjoy her teaching style.
    I had never looked her up on youtube, for some reason I was looking around...
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    Re: Public service anouncement

    Yeah, but if you get the new Shmergel Defenestrator with Dial-A-Tone(TM), you can have each of those different sounds at the twist of a knob!
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    Re: Public service anouncement

    In my case my life evolved. It changed. I am surprised at how much it has changed. It is to point that if the music stopped there would be a huge hole in my life. I sure did not start that way. It...
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    Public service anouncement

    Please be advised: Want vs Need IMHO, which is of course correct:

    Need is
    1. you don't own a mandolin
    2.your mandolin is not solid wood
    3. your mandolin is solid wood but hasn't had the...
  8. Information about Weber, Flatiron and Gibson Instruments

    We recently discovered players can no longer obtain information on Weber instruments built prior to 2013 from the Weber company. Mary and I would be happy to help with any questions or concerns you...
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    Re: Steve Martin Signed mandolin on Ebay

    There's only one Mandolin Steve Martin has ever had his hands on that I'm interested in but, it's on long term loan... I got to play on it once, too. I still sounded like me.

  10. Re: Nordwall 10-string cittern - just ordered one!

    An update - construction has begun on my cittern! I'll be picking it up in Sweden on the weekend of June 7-10th at a folk festival called Ransäterstamman.

    Can't wait!

    I will share...
  11. Nordwall 10-string cittern - just ordered one!

    For the past couple years I've traveled a fair bit to Sweden to play music and learn the local fiddle tunes (so many polskas!) and have encountered a whole lot of amazing musicians. A few of them...
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