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    Re: Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

    We had this tune in the Cafe's "Song-A-Week" social group a few years ago. Check this link for several very nice versions from other Cafe members, with a wide range of approaches from bare bones to...
  2. Re: Bernardo de Pace: "Dreaming" (mandolin duet)

    Forgot to attach the score -- now included.

  3. Bernardo de Pace: "Dreaming" (mandolin duet)

    Bernardo de Pace (1881-1966): Dreaming (Mandolin duet)
    Published in the B.M.G. Magazine, March 1960.

    This is a nice classical mandolin duet in waltz time, written by "The Wizard Of The Mandolin",...
  4. Re: New Book of Evelyn Castiglioni's Tunes

    Thanks for the heads-up. Note, the link that Mick has posted is to the previous book (which Evelyn herself had also uploaded for free here on the Cafe). The link to the new book is here:

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    Re: Tunes from the BMG Magazine 1947-50

    Further to her lovely "Scherzo" which I recorded back in September, here is another short piece by Louise Harrison, also written as a trio of two mandolins and guitar.

    Louise Harrison (1951):...
  6. Re: Mandocello solo and duo recordings playlist

    It's been a few months since I've added to my mandocello playlist. Here is a baroque piece I've recorded today, as a duet of mandolin and mandocello:

    Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714): Aria ...
  7. Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714), German Baroque composer

    Philipp Heinrich Erlebach (1657-1714) was a major German baroque composer in the era just before J.S. Bach. However, the large majority of his compositions were lost in a fire after his death, so...
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    Re: economical option to record myself

    I use a Zoom for overdubbing all the time, with Audacity. I plug both the Zoom and the analogue headphones into my laptop, with the Zoom as USB input device and the headphone socket as output for...
  9. Re: Looking for Schottis Fran Mulang sheet music

    Following on from that discussion, I have used a quiet spell this afternoon to record this lovely schottis on mandolin, as a set with another schottis from the town of Malung which came up in my...
  10. Re: Looking for Schottis Fran Mulang sheet music

    I'm pretty sure it is the same tune. Sophia Karlsson's arrangement doesn't have much of a dance character, but here is the same tune played for an actual dance: Schottis från Malung. For...
  11. Re: Looking for Schottis Fran Mulang sheet music

    Hi Leslie,

    I think the correct spelling is "Schottis från Malung", after the town of Malung in Dalarna. The most comprehensive site for Scandinavian dance is, which doesn't have a...
  12. Re: Thomas Tallis: Hear The Voice And Prayer (c. 1560)

    Thanks, Jim!

    To avoid confusion, the use of the "Kyrie" text in the score I linked to in my post is not by Tallis -- John Smith, who uploaded it to Musescore, used the original Tallis composition...
  13. Petite Serenade (A.E. Sheppard, 1972)

    A.E. Sheppard: Petite Serenade
    From: BMG Magazine, April 1972 issue

    This pretty pastiche of a Neapolitan mandolin serenade was written by A.E. Sheppard, the principal contributor of mandolin...
  14. Re: J.S. Bach: Gavotte in D Minor (BWV 811)

    Thanks, crisscross.

    There are plenty of very fast recordings of this gavotte on Youtube, but apart from the fact that I wouldn't be able to play that bass line any faster on tenor guitar with any...
  15. J.S. Bach: Gavotte in D Minor (BWV 811)

    Johann Sebastian Bach: English Suite No. 6 in D Minor (BWV 811)
    VI. Gavotte I
    Arranged for two mandolins and guitar by A.E. Sheppard (1971)

    This Bach gavotte was originally written in around...
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    Re: Maggie May mando?

    For what it's worth, Ray Jackson also told the story to the BBC in 2011 if you want actual TV interview footage:

    Lindisfarne themselves had their own No. 1 album and two top ten hits in the UK...
  17. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    It's time to play a couple more English country dance tunes from David's wonderful collection of arrangements. Here is the link to the PDF again (still valid since first posted in 2015): Link
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    Re: Common Chord shapes

    Thanks, Mark -- all very useful! The main difficulty I have with the rootless 7th shapes is that they're rootless -- being slow of thinking and looking for quick and dirty solutions for winging it...
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    Re: very old mandolin

    What, me ...?

    We've had some discussions on these labels before, but the most likely interpretation of "Sistema De Meglio" is that these are mandolins that use De Meglio's system but are not...
  20. Re: Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680): Modo hypodorico

    Thanks, Eugene.

    I know what you mean -- on the L'Arpeggiata live performance of the Kircher piece, I'm sceptical about the castagnets, which may be a crossover element too many.

    Having looked...
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    Re: Common Chord shapes

    Absolutely true, and important considerations for mandolin chording in a band setting. I should say that I use the chord shapes in my earlier post mainly on OM or tenor guitar rather than mandolin. ...
  22. Beautiful Dreamer (S. Foster), mandolin quartet

    Stephen C. Foster (1826-1864): "Beautiful Dreamer", 1864

    This is one of the last songs that Stephen Foster ever wrote, published posthumously after his early death in 1864. My arrangement for...
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    Re: Common Chord shapes

    My go-to closed chord shapes are these (given for a root of A -- shift them along the fretboard for other root notes):

    A: 2-2-4-x
    Am: 2-2-3-x
    A7: 2-2-4-3
    Adim: 2-1-3-x
    Aaug: 2-3-4-x

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    Re: Ditson Victory

    Great post, Jim. Just picking up on one point.

    I remember talking to Alison about picks at two residential courses, around 2004/2005. The first time she showed me her pick it was a medium...
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    Re: Ditson Victory

    That would explain the bridge position behind the cant -- as far as I know, Vega were the only notable maker who put the bridge there by design. In non-Vega bowlbacks, seeing the bridge there is...
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