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  1. Thread: Playing Solo..

    by Markus

    Re: Playing Solo..

    I got to see Mike Compton play a solo show a few years ago and it was incredible. With that kind of power you don't need anyone else, jaw dropping.
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    Re: Wide neck Mandolins ?

    There is a small range of neck sizes, with nut width of 1 3/8" being on the wide size and narrow getting down to near 1".

    Old US made Breedloves all were wider necks, while not all brands make...
  3. Re: Eastman vs Eastman vs Breedlove vs “budget” vintage vs ?????

    Please realize that a pickup is only half of the solution for playing plugged in ... pretty much all piezo pickups sound VASTLY better with a quality pre-amp. On my Breedlove I was never happy with...
  4. Re: Eastman vs Eastman vs Breedlove vs “budget” vintage vs ?????

    I am uncertain what the issue would be with a Breedlove OF playing bluegrass. Mine did just fine for that for years until I upgraded to a Collings. The Crossover are not equal to the US made versions...
  5. Re: Pickup options for an F hole octive mandolin

    Anyone who does their research hears this, but yes I agree.

    I know that I would have been better off listening to advice here and going with a RedEye preamp instead of saving a few bucks and...
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    Re: crossrock fiberglass mandolin cases

    I am quite happy with mine.

    I thought it had a pretty strong chemical scent at first, so I left it open for a few weeks [including left it outside some sunny afternoons]. After a few weeks it was...
  7. Re: So... They seem to think I'm starving and homeless?

    That reminds me of a photo taken by Walker Evans in the NYC subway in the 30's I think.

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    Re: Tuner...not Tuners

    Some people like that sound, I think. I've heard this described as wet vs dry tuning - one of them being perfectly synched pairs and the other choosing for intentional variance.

    There's a number...
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    Re: Tuner...not Tuners

    I completely agree and have not found any tuner that doesn't require a slight final adjustment to each pair by ear. It absolutely drives me crazy when I see someone tune both strings to their tuner...
  10. Re: ISO Recs for Bluegrass Mandolins in the $900-1.2K rang

    Never played one of these, but if it were me this would hit the sweet spot.

    If you don't like it, you can probably sell it for what you got it for or at minimal loss. Something custom made...
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    Re: Red spruce versus Engleman (MT/MT2)

    I shopped for MT's last spring, played a couple different ones including a torrified Red Spruce along with the usual Engleman. I thought there was a small tonal difference between them, mainly when I...
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    I believe the Chris Thile quote I heard most recently was `if I practice less than 2 hours in a day, I'm moving backwards'.

    I believe there are a couple different `natural skills' that can help in...
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    Re: Magnetic Pickup Advice

    If you aren't compromising an acoustically good instrument, then I get where you're going.

    Never heard a Kent Armstrong pickup in person, but they always seemed like a pretty good solution to your...
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    Re: Magnetic Pickup Advice

    Is this an acoustic instrument currently?

    If it were me, I would go with single coil or humbuckers on a solid-body electric mandolin - as I would use that type of pickup for resistance to feedback...
  15. Re: Experience in Using Effects on Acoustic Mandolins

    I think if I really love the multi-pedal presets I will eventually progress to the Line 6 HX. I have heard really good reviews from people I know.

    I am really thankful to have gone to the...
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    Re: Good idea / Bad idea ?? Suede back

    I find that keeping the back open has a noticeable benefit for tone and volume and own a tonegard in order to to help keep the mandolin away from my body and fully resonant. Many players use a strap...
  17. Re: Experience in Using Effects on Acoustic Mandolins

    I made the mistake of walking through our local music store around my birthday a month ago and decided to buy the new Zoom A1X Four pedal that just came in. Well, it wasn't a mistake as I am enjoying...
  18. Thread: Thick Picks?

    by Markus

    Re: Thick Picks?

    I absolutely love the Wegen M250 which is 3.5 mm with the same slices cut out for grip.

    It seems to have improved my tremolo and fast picking, perhaps because it makes `digging in' impossible and...
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    Re: High frets on mandolin.

    Very very short-lived bell like tone.

    I find those high notes on the E are more for emphasis and excitement and less for pure tone. While my Breedlove got the people excited when I ran my solo up...
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    Re: Grace Design BiX vs. Red Eye

    I have my pedal tuner on the RedEye effects loop, it serves as a mute [as it mutes while tuning]. I have found that effects loop really useful some gigs.
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    Re: $200 to dress mandolin frets? Ouch!

    Were the frets off from the beginning? While this shop might be expensive, so is a new mandolin that needs work straight out of the gate!
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    Re: Very high notes on a budget instrument

    I know exactly what you speak of, and IMO I haven't heard many sub $1k mandolins that sound great above the 12th fret [quite a few don't sound great to me above the 7th, but I have a very critical...
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    Re: Collings MT2 Review

    Got a [used 2017] MT2 in the spring and am massively in love with mine, glad you are finding the same joy.

    Just days into playing it I performed with it using a mic and noticed that EVERYTHING I...
  24. Re: Article: Acoustic Disc Set to Release Dawg Trio Plays Tunes &

    Loved seeing Barnes, Gordy, Walsh this summer at our local Trad Music Festival, this should be really exception as both David and Danny are so much fun to listen to.

    Was jealous when I saw these...
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    Re: Need a safe wall mount mando holder

    Hercules works great for what you want. I have two string swing (violin, uke) and two Hercules (guitar, MT2).
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