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    Re: Mangan monel strings

    I use Martin Retros on my D-18 and 00-15 (mediums and lights respectively), and I love them on each of those guitars. So, a couple months ago, I picked up some of the Mangan Monel Mediums for the...
  2. Re: Northfield Mandolins "Deluxe Airloom" fiberglass Cases

    It looks to me to be a little knob or grip to grab for raising the lid. Unlatch the case, and open it by hooking that "foot" with your finger.
  3. Re: Trading Blue Chip Picks - or anything else for that matter

    Yes, there is safe way. For picks I wouldn't waste my time, but for instruments I would: you each purchase the other's item via PayPal. I buy your pick, you buy mine. The net is $0 (minus the fee...
  4. Giveaway: Picks--1 Dawg, 1 Golden Gate, 10 Pro-Plec, 12 Clayton

    I have a few extra items that are not being used, so I'd like to offer these as a giveaway. Post if you are interested and at some point tomorrow, I'll randomly choose a number.

    Shipped to CONUS...
  5. Re: Where to find Gibson Sam Bush Strings (or what's an alternati

    Well, the only issue I would take with Just Strings is that the Gibson strings are still on their website. The real issue, I think, is with Gibson. Why in the world would they not want their...
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    Re: OP's not responding to advice

    Hey Johnny60,

    It's been 5 hours and 13 minutes since you posted, and 16 people have taken the time to respond to your post.

    "Maybe I'm being becoming a curmudgeonly old git, but don't you...
  7. Re: A-Style Strap Question - Tying On Under the Fretboard Extensi

    No, I am talking about looping it under the fredboard extension similar to what Potosimando does above. I think the loop falls better when it comes around the heel instead of around the body, but...
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    Re: Hiscox Mandolin Case Question

    Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the help on this. I got the case, and I really like it for the mandolin. I added 6 small felt furniture sliders to the end of the case. It took a little trial and error to find...
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    Re: Lost and found 1916 Gibson F2 - Need input


    Are you a licensed attorney in the state of the OP? Your profile indicates that you are in England, so I am guessing not. You are really trying to make a moral statement and assuming that...
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    Re: Chinese vs American Made?


    In 99, I bought my first car--a Toyota Corolla--and my Dad ribbed me a bit for not buying American, like his Ford. Once I pointed out that my Toyota was made in KY, whereas his Ford was...
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    Re: Martin D-18 or 28?

    Both are bigger than an mandolin. (obligatory mandolin content?)

    IMHO, a vintage D-18 is THE BG guitar! The 28's not bad, but it's the 18 that really drives.

    Ok, ok. If I was being...
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