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  1. Re: Plastic coated or smooth mandolin strings?

    The A string is actually wound, only the E is plain. I don't know about any rusting as I haven't had them on long enough.
  2. Re: Plastic coated or smooth mandolin strings?

    I've also given TI strings a try recently, heavy gauge on my MD315. I love them, it's the tone and feel I've been looking for.

    I've played TI strings on my electric, acoustic, and upright basses...
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    Re: Wide neck Mandolins ?

    If you're just starting out, try giving it time, I know how it feels. Coming from years of playing 6 string basses, when I first picked up the mandolin I also felt like a clumsy oaf. After spending a...
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    Re: Is there a mandolin equivelent out there?

    Hans Zimmer actually recorded a bunch of samples of an Octobass in order to incorporate them into his compositions.

    As a bass player though I have experimented with some low tunings before. I had...
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