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  1. Re: Long term planning for 1st mandolin and uke GDAE in the meant

    The Flea soprano is a fraction longer than normal - most sopranos are around 13 7/8 inches. Your picture clearly isn't a soprano uke, looks like a tenor (17 inches) to me.

    I suspect the string...
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    Re: Top strength/Tuning stability

    It's easier than that! Just glue the plates together flat, and then shape the braces (my tenor guitar will have two on the lower bout, one above the sound hole) so they are straight on the underside,...
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    Re: Top strength/Tuning stability

    I'd give it some time before deciding. It takes a week or two for a new build to settle to its "working" shape.

    I'd guess your main risk is that it settles into a dip on the top (might still...
  4. Re: Ideas for what could be rattling on Mandolin!

    I always try the quick and easy things first, and this is one.

    Slacken one of the pair and park it to one side. Then play the remaining string as normal. If it still rattles, it's not the pair...
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    Re: Pre cut fretboard supply - UK

    Ah, didn't realise how hampered you were!

    I suggest you give Rob Collins a call, contact via He makes custom ukuleles, guitars etc, so a mandolin fretboard would be well...
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    Re: Pre cut fretboard supply - UK

    I thickness fretboards with a hand plane.

    I simply make a jig which is two strips of wood the right thickness stuck down to a piece of melamine-face particle board (the stuff sold for making...
  7. Re: Do any companies make bowlback mandolins and banjolins anymor

    The Ugo Orlandi position tells me that playing technique is different from a flatback. My main instrument is ukulele, and those are held the same way - the playing forearm holds the instrument...
  8. Re: any advice/help would be appreciated! zoom q8 editing?

    I've made a few lockdown videos, which come out like this:

    Apologies for the jangly mandolin - it's an old bowlback whose sunken top I recently fixed, but the...
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    I suspect that musicality can be taught, to some extent at least, if the very basics are there. For me, these are (1) playing in time, and (2) being able to hear the others you are playing with and...
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    Re: Slot tuners Stiffness Problem

    I have the same problem with a paddle head bowl back which I've brought back to playable condition (except the tuners).

    My plan is to find some brass tube which is a snug fit over the tuning...
  11. Re: Set up question- intonation on the D string

    The peak of the D on the bridge needs to be filed back closer to the tail. This assumes you're OK on the lower frets - if not, the nut slots might be too high, and I'd get those right first before...
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    Re: Can builders reproduce a tonal profile?

    I'm a bottom tier, amateur ukulele maker, and all my builds sound quite like each other (and not like those from other builders).

    So I think a top tier maker should be able to get very close...
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    Re: Couple of Novice Questions -

    There are several ways that your 12-14 fret problem might arise, so you have to be systematic. I'd leave the strings on for this diagnostic process, as string tension might be useful.

    1. Use the...
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    Re: Nasty string buzz on Fender Tele

    This sounds like the most probable cause to me.

    To check the relief, capo at the first fret and with one hand hold a string down at a fret just before the body joint. With your other hand, tap...
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    Re: Western red cedar carved top

    Try a coat or two of shellac, then sand. Repeat as needed. This has worked for me with cedar, and it won't hurt your redwood.
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    Re: New Ukelele Day

    I found the instrument:

    From the price and the picture it's a standard, Chinese-made,...
  17. Re: Transplanting a new tenon in a screwed up neck joint

    How about this:

    * Remove fretboard

    * Cut channel for new tenon

    *Glue in new tenon

    If you're planning to bolt this as well as gluing it, you could either drill the tenon to accept a tapped...
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    Re: The real glue strength

    I've opened a few epoxy joints with heat myself! The resin softens and a spatula can slide in.

    I read that this was the way to deal with epoxy joints in a luthier forum, so I'm sure others have...
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    Re: The real glue strength

    The tested "strength" of a glue joint is usually pretty irrelevant. With good mating surfaces, what normally fails is the wood itself rather than the glue line coming apart.

    For instrument...
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    Re: Buzzing at/near the bridge

    In translation for those who never adjust their own instruments:

    1. You could first try raising the bridge a little, if it's adjustable. (a) Measure the distance between the strings and the top of...
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    Re: Marketing and getting your name/brand out.

    Two things from looking at your website:

    1. There are no sound clips or videos on a quick scan. If I were thinking about buying, I'd want some idea about sound (even if a video clip is not that...
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    Re: Advice for a pre-professional luthier?

    Don't get seduced by a drum sander too early. I'm always yearning for one, but as a pure amateur I only build 4 or 5 instruments each year, mainly ukuleles. The process of thicknessing to under 2mm...
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    Re: 7th fret problem

    Something quick to try is to tune the instrument down a semitone and then see if the problem changes.

    If, for example, it moves from the 7th to the 8th fret then you know it's neither the fret nor...
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    Re: New Windsor banjo

    I have a Windsor Whirle Junior tenor banjo. This too is a low end model.

    It looked rather rough when purchased, but all it needed was a good clean and a new head. A very serviceable instrument,...
  25. Re: Couple of strings going out of tune regularly. Machine heads?

    One more possibility - too many windings of string round the tuner post. If your windings get close to overlapping previous windings, they can move around and change the tuning.

    Has this happened...
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