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  1. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    I wonder if you can make an electric mandolin sound like an acoustic mandolin?
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    Re: Round core mandolin strings?

    I know that some violin strings have rosin dust or some other dampening material, in with the core strands.

    Also many wound strings have a number of core strands, not just one.

    Personally, I...
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    Re: Collings MT Prices

    Many others have the same question. It has been discussed here and I have not read all the comments. However I'd like to hear from the source, a rep from Collings.
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    Re: Any arguments AGAINST MAS?

    Violins are different. You can 'adapt to' other violins but because they are smaller than mandolins, and that they don't have frets, the feel and your 'muscle memory' become quite important. Violin...
  5. Re: My band playing Manzanita in the Telluride Band Competition

    That's great Elijah. Go get 'em!

    Please list the names of the band members.
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    Re: Armenian mandolin idea, inspired by oud

    Yes, Hesperion Ensemble is also one of my favorites. Another more contemporary musician is Ross Daly.

    Here is an Armenian oud player that deserves more notice.
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    Re: Modal music (Balkan) on the mandolin

    Nice chart. I suppose my klezmer music is mostly 'Gypsy' mode. The joke about that goes something like this, "You may call this a modal scale pattern, for me it is a living." I have attached one of...
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    Re: Modal music (Balkan) on the mandolin

    This is never 'too much' when such good music is involved. That is a great version of Misirlou from another part of the world. Thanks!
    The wonderful aspect of the internet and Mandolin cafe is that...
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    Re: Modal music (Balkan) on the mandolin

    Thanks for sharing this video. I love rembetiko music and often see similarities with (my favorite), klezmer music. I suppose the modes are what makes the sound similar. Here's a tune you probably...
  10. Re: Difference between a tenor guitar and a plectrum guitar

    Yes a nice sound on that instrument.
    I'm wondering why the shape of the body is straight instead of the usual curved bout, to the neck? The guitar / bouzouki's are the same shape.
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    Re: Downloading video files

    I use a program called 5K Player to download youtube videos onto my laptop. It has a lot of other features like playing audio and converting video file types and streaming functions from cell phones...
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    Re: 3 hours of practice a day?

    Funny how some topics come up. I just ran across this video from Magnus Zetterlund.
  13. Re: Anyone know of a website or app that will display all chord n

    Wow, Jerry that chord web page is amazing!
    I'm working on mandola chords and need to know different shapes up and down the neck. This is a great way to find chords quickly. And yes MrMando, I'm...
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    Re: Mandolin Stand Recommendations

    I adjust the width of the 'feet' on the Stagg stand to fit my violin, (the bow goes onto the music stand) and if I remember right, I have put the guitar and certainly the mandola on the Stagg. It is...
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    Re: Mandolin Stand Recommendations

    Ingles is good. I have one that my wife took for her violin so I got a Stagg stand which lacks the stuff on top and is a bit more stable.
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    Re: Replacing Violin Fingerboard

    Here is another luthier advising not to mess with this fiddle. If the neck joint is firm and does not move under string pressure, leave it in favor of other needs. I understand your interest in...
  17. Has anyone tried flatwound strings on a Pono octave mandolin?

    I'm a big fan of Thomastik flatwound strings. I use them on my mandolins, mandola and even the parlor guitar. So it seems natural that TI strings would be a preference for a Pono M20 short scale...
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    Re: About my pick grip

    My pick hold changes according to what I'm doing. Playing light and quiet is similar to Caterina. Playing fast is like Chris T. And doing tremolo I use the rounded side of the pick. Strumming is...
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    Re: The new Session King mandolin?

    Tenor Guitar for a name comes to mind. It is probably an octave lower than a tenor guitar, right? So, four string mandolin is accurate.
    I would stay with the guitar shape, it really has some nice...
  20. Re: Ale Brider (a Yiddish folk tune) [on Red Valley Mandolin]

    Here is the audio file of Arkan Dribnyj, generated with Finale software, using mandolins and bass.
  21. Re: Ale Brider (a Yiddish folk tune) [on Red Valley Mandolin]

    Simon,I could not figure how to attach a pdf to a private message so this is going out to everyone as a 2 page jpg.

    I've added a mandolin TAB part for the upbeats and a bass in regular bass clef....
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    Re: Replacing Violin Fingerboard

    Information comes quick and easy on the internet. This job is far too hard for an inexperienced violin repairman.
    Guitars and mandolins are 'another animal' altogether. Which is what gets people in...
  23. Re: So what would a 27" scale mandocello sound like?

    An amazing sound. It would be ideal for some bass counterpoint with a mandolin. In the right hands however. Large hands. :)
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    Re: Software to scan and transpose

    This need to transcribe has been around for a long time and there have been a lot of technical improvements to help in this regard. I've used Finale for almost 20 years and have had a number of crazy...
  25. Re: Ale Brider (a Yiddish folk tune) [on Red Valley Mandolin]

    I've asked a Ukrainian friend to listen to the track. I'll look at the questions here. Thanks
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