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  1. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    I'm a cheapskate by nature. Our boys always say I act like I grew up in the great depression.
    But my wife helps me. When she knows I'm pining for a new instrument, she also knows I will not spend...
  2. Re: New guy looking for advice on travel with mandolin

    How about a very inexpensive new or used but playable mandolin like a Savannah or a Rogue. A Cafe sponsor has a Savannah advertised now in the classifieds for cost of a few cases of beer.
    Then play...
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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    I want to thank responders for providing me with a great music/mandolin reading list that will hopefully keep me busy until the end of social isolation. I ordered Graham McDonald's book and received...
  4. Re: Article: New in Print and eBook - Mandolin Picking Tunes - Ea

    Mandolins Mike. Thanks
    During non-COVID times I play out a lot. We usually play 40s / 50s country honkey tonk with some country rock thrown in. I go to a jam session twice a month when we are in...
  5. Re: Article: New in Print and eBook - Mandolin Picking Tunes - Ea

    I have a few books by Dix Bruce that have been well prepared. BUT: The music content is of music that I was never familiar with. Tunes like Soldiers Joy. I now know that tune since being exposed to...
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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    Allan Not going mad at all with these restrictions. I still play mandolin/mandola at least two hours a day. Walk 3 to 5 miles every day regardless of weather and bicycle 10 to 20 miles a day when...
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    Pandemic Reading

    Hoping people will chime in with mandolin rich reading suggestions. I'm finding I have more time than I have had since retiring seven years ago. We often hear people say they don't know how they had...
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    Re: The Mandolin in America

    Nice to know they are following WHO recommendations but perhaps taking them to a new level. OK with me.
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    Re: Tremolo Tips

    I do not feel qualified to give lessons beyond teaching my grandchildren but I do play with a lot of tremelo and have one observationI have found.
    Do not use a death grip on your pick, hold your...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    No, you are not alone. I find that most people can't play cleanly at excessive speed, with a few exceptions, so the music gets "muddy" and you lose the sound of...
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    Re: Bad habits?

    Now is the time to work on any habit you perceive as being at issue. When I first started playing I was planting my pinky. After realizing that this was not conducive to my playing I began working...
  12. Re: Recommendation on F style Mandolin?

    Also, buy from a Cafe sponsor and it will come with a good set-up.
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    Re: why no carbon fiber mandolins?

    Very occasionally one pops up here for sale in the Cafe Classifieds. Perhaps if you placed a WANTED ad here one may come your way. I think I remember reading in an old thread that quality and...
  14. Re: Changing Keys in a Song...Can Someone Help Me Understand it?

    When I first started playing I read a book called(I think) TEACH YOURSELF TO READ MUSIC. I found reading music rather simple to learn and with much practice not too difficult to develop some skill. ...
  15. Re: Changing Keys in a Song...Can Someone Help Me Understand it?

    Poul's post with the ruler is a great looking tool.
    I wish I had had one when I first started playing.
    You may also pull up a printable copy of a "CIRCLE OF FIFTHS". Easily available with a...
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    Re: Kentucky 150 Europe?

    About four years ago I bought a used Weber from a shop next to the main square off the Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg. The shop is primarily a guitar store but often has a couple of mandolins in on...
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    Re: Kentucky 150 Europe?

    Do you know if we are talking about the same music store? I do not recall the name of it.
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    Re: Kentucky 150 Europe?

    I do not recall the name of the store, but a music store across the street from the University book store in Amsterdam had a rather large inventory of Eastman's and a few Kentucky's.
    The Eastman...
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    Re: Blem Mandolins

    Really? I have not heard that.
    Yet to be confirmed.
    This would be a great loss to the mandolin world.
  20. Re: Tommy's Tarbukas and some Seán Nós

    Really nice. Your skills are rapidly gaining momentum since you first started posting. It won't be long for me to see you on the big stage.
    Congratulations and keep up the excellent playing.
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    Re: Price Tag

    We are living in a very fortunate time to have so many good or even great small builders offering quality instruments within or near your budget. Often times people are willing to pay a premium far...
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    Re: Mandolin stands

    I have three and have two that remain set-up with instruments in my music room.
    NOTE: We have no children or pets at home. When grandchildren were younger and before they were players, I...
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    Re: Eastman 314

    I have owned a 304, two 305s, and bought a 305 for my granddaughter. I have anticipation of buying another 304 or 305 for my grandson upon him progressing a little more.
    I thought all were of...
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    Re: Over $21K for a NEW Gibson F5 MM

    I can not verify the validity of this statement but have heard it said many times that " A Rolls Royce is purchased for the privilege of having the hood ornament, not for the car".
    Not a mandolin I...
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    Re: Reading music

    A good observation for a beginner to be aware of. However, the book I mentioned in #16, "ALFRED'S TEACH YOURSELF TO PLAY MANDOLIN", does demonstrate the 7th fret it will not teach a beginner to play...
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