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  1. Re: A question for luthiers - from a non-luthier

    Well, I'm not a luthier but I notice a beautiful dilemma behind the question - you have exquisite mandolins to compare!

    Rolfe designed Phoenix mandolins to be easy to play. I had one and it was...
  2. Re: What upgrade for Hora/Thomman Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki

    The Horas are certainly inexpensive, one of the cheapest ways to try out a bouzouki/octave mandolin. They're not great though, and if you order one online then depending on the specific one that...
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    Re: string life with limited playing

    I have some instruments I don't pick up that often and it's a hassle to go to play one of them and find oxidized strings. Here's what I've noticed:

    J74s don't last long in use - I may have...
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    Re: Pachelbel's Canon and Gigue in D

    Delightful - particularly the Gigue which I must admit I was unfamiliar with.

    Thank you!
  5. Re: Should I learn to make bridges while I'm at it?

    Many experienced voices have contributed to this thread already. Since I'm a novice for sure, for new instruments I'd advocate buying bridges over making them. Cumberland bridges are obviously...
  6. Re: Flatiron Serial Number and Value? (Made in U.S.?)

    Yep, sadly the only thing about that mandolin that's really a "Flatiron" is the label on the headstock. It's too bad because you'd expect more from the name, but that particular story is one of the...
  7. Re: Recommendations for a quality but affordable mandolin

    Pheffernan's suggestions are most excellent. Flat-top mandolins can be really good and have a feeling about them that's really different from a carved-top instrument.

    Dave Sheets' recommendation...
  8. Re: Muleskinner Instruments - Guitar Bodied Octave Mandolins #1 a

    Wow, just astonishing - those are exquisite with a great sense of tonal authority. I am particularly taken by the sophistication of the blond one. Lovely.

    Their carved tops and backs make them...
  9. Re: What is Today the best Tenor guitar between 500$ => under 100

    The Circle Strings tenor guitars are also quite excellent. A quick search on Youtube will get you a few sound samples. Like most high-quality instruments they may be outside the price range though.
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    Re: Blue chip picks

    +1 for the BC CT-55. It's my favorite pick and except for the sting of the purchase price I can't find anything wrong to say about it.

    Even so, the Dunlop PrimeTone triangles are quite similar to...
  11. Re: Introduction and my new to me Gibson Fern

    Your wife is clearly amazing and you are evidently well loved and well understood.

    The Fern is beautiful - and could easily be your last mandolin.

    May you, she and it all play in good health!...
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    Well, there's a nice-looking '23 Gibson A snakehead that just showed up in the classifieds today. I'm glad to stick with my Collings MT recommendation (or MT-O if you're also interested in an oval...
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    Re: D'Addario Monel sets

    +1 on the Curt Mangan vs. D'Addario monels. I tried both on a Gibson Jam Master A and preferred the Mangans. Tone seemed a bit more complex and they felt nicer to my fingers.

    There's also a...
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    Re: Favorite A style mandolin?

    There are plenty of vintage Gibson A models out there, so sifting your way through them to find one that really speaks to you could be fun (or exhausting) depending on how long it takes to find one...
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    Re: Kimble two point reviews?

    Sounds even more than very fine to me. Outstanding! Mandobar you've obviously got something very special there.

  16. Re: Just for fun and interest - favourite acoustic tones

    I know I'm not a fiery technical player so I'm mostly interested in emulating tone. Here goes:

    Mandolin: I love John Reischman's tone. Or Mike Marshall's. Those guys sound so liquid and seem to...
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    Re: Wheel Hoss - Bill Monroe

    Steve, that was a lot of fun - thank you!

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    Re: Looking For Several Genres Of Mandolin

    Beautiful indeed - but that's also Chris Thile (one of the greatest players of all time) playing his Loar (one of the greatest mandolins of all time) with Doc Watson (one of the greatest flatpickers...
  19. Re: Looking for feedback on an original bluegrass tune

    Well done! I really liked that. I can't agree too much with the sentiment, but happy to support two rounds in Covid if you don't mind? :whistling:

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    Re: Shipping: how much???

    Hey everyone,

    There are several (many?) internet-based companies that act as middlemen between the retail customer (you and me) and the shipping companies (UPS, Fedex, etc.). Because they...
  21. Re: Looking for Mandolin Recommendations that hold their value

    Hi everyone (and OP!)

    If you like the Collings sound then buying one is maybe the best way to get it. The reports of Collings consistency have been accurate in my experience - every one of them...
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    Re: Gavin Baird F5 in the classifieds (now there's an F4!)

    Hi everyone,

    I just noticed the last Gavin Baird F4 is in the classifieds right now. Being sold by Gavin no less! I know we are all being careful with $ during this awful pandemic but if I didn't...
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    Re: Shout out to Collings

    I'm impressed by how consistent the Collings I've played have been. They've all sounded good (with the Collings flavour) and have had high quality build and excellent finish. Fancier or more basic,...
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    Re: looking for a travel mando

    I've found travel mandolins to be a tough place to look for a satisfying instrument. I've tried:

    Weber Sweet Pea (nice neck, but sounds very small)
    Martin Backpacker (durable, can't say much more...
  25. Re: Modern case for Gibson K2 mandocello?

    My 1916 K-1 lives in a modified dobro case. Some shaped foam inserts covered with case lining material and glued into place make it a really great fit. If you don't find a case, maybe consider doing...
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