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    Re: Because of course she is....

    I am curious how Spotify would have anything to do with someone having favorite music over the past decade or any other...
  2. Re: Micing mandolins for recording purposes...

    I use Audio Technica 4040s in the studio but will sometimes plug it into my Fender Acoustasonic jr. and mic that as well, blending the two sounds.
  3. Re: Frank Wakefield, Taylor Baker ..LIVE SHOW..

    There was a great piece on him in Fretboard Journal several issues ago...a real talent and individual.
  4. Re: I put new strings on and positioned the bridge myself

    "Are you really only changing strings once every three years?
    Perhaps your mando has been quite due to dead strings."

    That was immediate thought as well.
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    Re: Life with a Luthier

    Gladys, Thanks for sharing. It is cool to hear your perspective and I appreciate your sense of humor about it
  6. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    I enjoy Sirius Radio, but also have lots of tunes in my iTunes in my ipad which I can plug into the USB in the car and play what I like without commercials or losing my station.
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    Re: Fretboard Journal still active?

    I love the magazine...high quality writing and photography about stuff we love.
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    Re: Thank You, Collings

    If I am ever able to afford to upgrade my current mandolin, it will be to a Collings. They just kill me with the looks and the sound.
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    Re: Mandolin Orange on today Show

    they are one of my new favorites.
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    Re: Tips for fairly new Mando players

    Dave has it right...consistently spending time practicing/playing will improve your skills. I always tell new students to commit at least 15-20 minutes per day at least 4-5 times per week and you...
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    Re: We Honor Your Service

    A big thank you to all who have served our country and made it possible for us to spend time learning to play the mandolin.
  12. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    That is why I play mandolin when I go to a jam...
  13. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I played guitar for over 25 years before taking up piano and then bass and mandolin all around 20 years ago. I love the journey of learning about music and getting better at playing it, so having...
  14. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    Guitar is my main instrument having played it over 40 years. Mandolin, bass and piano all come in second.
  15. Thread: Beginner

    by Mando Mort

    Re: Beginner

    Welcome to the world of everything, you will get out of it, what you put into it...
  16. Re: Article: Amid Constant Change The Mandolin Store Flourishes

    This is a good piece and it puts a face with the name, giving you a better idea of who you are doing business with...makes me want to buy another mando.
  17. I really enjoyed that and congratulations as well!

    I really enjoyed that and congratulations as well!
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    Re: Mandolins in the Martin Museum.

    That is a good photo, Caleb. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: Bass playing helping Mando playing

    I play Guitar, Mandolin, Bass and Piano and find that anytime I focus on one for a while, it improves my playing on the others.
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    Re: Year old mandolin

    I put together a very nice partscaster where I stripped the paint off of the body and repainted it an aqua green. I made a stupid move when putting the tremolo springs back in resulting in a scratch...
  21. Re: No mando content: Remembering Ginger Baker

    His playing and the feeling he put into it made a huge impact on my ears.
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    Re: Collings MT2 Review

    The smile on your face in the first video posted says it all...enjoy.
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    Re: Mandolin Lessons for Beginners

    I agree with Randi. When I was teaching guitar lessons, most if it came from word of mouth, but it started with putting a notice up on a bulletin board. I also played instrumentally at wine...
  24. Re: Now HERE's a mandolinist's worst nightmare:

    Very conspicuous indeed.
  25. Re: Now HERE's a mandolinist's worst nightmare:

    I rarely laugh out loud at these posts, but that initial posted picture is a bit scary and funny all at the same time.
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